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Portable Speaker for Mobiles & Tablets & Laptops (With 3.5 mm Jack)

Portable Speaker for Mobiles & Tablets & Laptops (With 3.5 mm Jack)

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Product Description

Announcement for all who have been longing for a speaker system which will suffice your need for quality music as well as will perfectly fit in your scarcely apartment, multimedia speakers with USB cable is here in market. You can shop online Portable Speaker by Edecore for USB supported gadgets and listen to fine quality music. The vibrant and happy colour combination, contemporised outlook and space friendly design makes it a perfect choice for all cool dudes and dolls.

Product description

The Edecore portable speakers are designed to give you powerful music but with reduced footprints. Their compact design with a comparatively small dimension does not take up much space. Their light weight and small dimension makes it perfectly mobile for outdoor usages as well. You can carry them in small packs and will come perfectly in your luggage. The fine crafting and excellent colour combination gives it a fashionable look. The shocking pink colour of the speaker with metalized ring around speakers and the transparent fibre fitting in front of the net gives them a much appealing look. You will be able to play music from any device that has USB connectivity with the help of in-built USB port of the speakers. It will perfectly sync with laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets, MP3, MP4, notebook etc. Their small size makes it the perfect accessory to you laptop or PCs.

You can accessorise them with the laptop or computer table with ease. You can even fix them in the wall or on small shelves. These portable speakers are noted for its clear and crisp sound deliverance. These USB speakers make a sound output of 3 watt x 2 (10 percent THD). Since these speakers offer a mellow and clear timbre, the music is made much more enjoyable with them. By taking energy from the power supply and finely controlling the output to match the input signal shape but with larger amplitude, the inbuilt amplifier makes the output music more clear and loud. These portable USB speakers also offer unique tone levels with flexible sound modes. To complement your exquisite acoustic and aesthetic tastes, these speakers have been aptly designed. The USB connector is of 3.5 mm jack made of flexible rubber mouth and durable wirings for prolonged hassle free service. It does not require a connector power supply. You can simply fix them to you gadget and enjoy music in a much more clear and loud volume.

Key features

Upto-the-minute portable speaker

USB supported

Compatible with PCs, Laptops, MP3, MP4, Notebook, Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc

Compact design to provide easy portability

Vibrant colour combinations

Care and maintenance

Since the speakers are an indispensible part of your music system, it is very important to take care of the speakers properly. Here's an easy maintenance routine to keep your speakers in a good condition for a prolonged period of time. You should always try placing your speakers at a place where dust does not get inside the net of the speakers. The performance of your speakers can be hampered due to building up of dusts on it. You can use a blower to blow away the dust or vacuum clean them. Usage of compressed air is preferable. It is advised that you do not keep the speakers on metals conducive to magnetise. Be sure to use wooden base if you are planning to place them in a stand or on floor. It stands a chance to damage the in-built electromagnet if your speakers are kept near any magnetic source.

Remember to keep your speakers away from direct sunlight or in range of any heat source. Check the proper plugging before using your speakers. If plugged in wrong jack, the speakers can blow up. It is very important to keep the speakers cool to increase their life span. Hence, it is very important to provide adequate ventilation of the speakers. Do not block the vent holes of the speaker. To keep proper air circulation, you can keep your speakers near fan or cooler. It is very important that you read the manual of the speakers very carefully before using them.

To experience the best of music right at your abode, you can buy online Portable Speakers by Edecore. Perfect as a congratulatory gift or a prized possession bring home, this set of tower speakers and enhance the effect of music in your life till the stock lasts.

Product Details
Brand Edecore
Item Package Quantity 1

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