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Portronics POR700 Laptop Table & Cooling Pad

Portronics POR700 Laptop Table & Cooling Pad

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Product Description

Nowadays everybody works on laptops for long hours. Thus, it is very important to maintain the temperature of any laptop, when you use it for long hours at a stretch. You must be aware that high temperature can damage the internal parts of the laptop. Furthermore, the heat radiation can make working on laptops inconvenient. In order to protect laptops against damage due to high internal temperature, it is advisable to use cooling pads. Portronics Laptop Table & Cooling Pad is one of the best options available today that can help keep your laptop cool. It allows you to protect your laptop from any internal damage that can be caused by heat generated due to prolonged use. You can buy laptops and laptop accessories from the comfort of your home. You can compare the prices offered by various online retailers. You can buy online from any retailer site that offers you the best possible deal on this product.

The Portronics laptop table can be adjusted in multiple positions

It is different when you work on your laptop and you watch movies on it. You may want to relax while watching a film on your laptop. But there are times when you might have to sit and work on your assignment. In both the cases, you will want to see the screen clearly. Wouldn't it be perfect if you can adjust the angle of the table in accordance with your comfort and posture? This table stand gives you the freedom to adjust the angle as per your comfort. This feature makes the stand a must-have.

The Portronics cooling pad is made of aluminium

This Portronics cooling pad is made of aluminium, which is of high quality. The user can keep his laptop at one end of the table, where there is a rubber protection feature. At the other end he can keep his mouse or iPad, book or magazine. The table offers sufficient space for keeping small essentials, beside a laptop.

The stand can be stored in a small place

The legs of the stand can be rotated 360 degrees by just pushing a button. The joints of the legs have Auto-locking mechanism. This ensures the joints are securely locked after every adjustment that you make. You need not worry about storing the stand. It takes little space for storage as it can be easily folded.

The Portronics stand features built-in fans

With this stand you need not worry about your laptop getting heated up. The stand features built-in fans that offer additional cooling. These fans help in extending the lifespan of your laptop by keeping it cool. This design also ensures better airflow that helps the system stay cool even when you have worked on it for several hours.

The stand is lightweight and compact

This product is light in weight and has a compact design. You can easily fold the table and carry it. You can also carry it while travelling. The stand allows the user to work fast even when he is lying down on bed. The soft silica pad keeps the user's hands from wearing out, when he holds the stand. This table is best suited for accommodating 17-inch laptops.

Product Details
Manufacturer Portronics
Brand Portronics
Model Number POR700
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  If you want to take care of your back or need to work long hours just go for it.....Its Awesome 2 April, 2013 On
    This table is awesome!!!. I can say it with certainty after the bad experience i had with couple of other table before i bought it finally. I spent so much on the last tables that i sometimes think if am a laptop table freak??
    I started to feel the need to use laptop while lying given the long stretched days work at office. It not only gives relaxing moment to give your back to relax but also you can browse or read leisurely keeping laptop just above your chest. I had also little back ache problem. I needed to rest badly once i am back at my home. At the same time i needed to use laptop for one reason or two. This is quite useful when get sick and wish to be on bed all the time. It comes handy as it allows one to use the laptop at ease.

    First i bought one wooden laptop table that was priced apparently above Rs. 1000. I readily bought it seeing that it had adjustable top. Soon i realized that it was not of the required height where i could get inside. I had to outright reject it. Later on i bought plastic table that had adjustable heights and top. That again was priced more than Rs. 1500. While using it i found that it was weak and shaky. Earlier i got enticed with table because of its price being not too high. I bought it and soon i broke it. While lying on bad one is always changing position in too relaxed manner that he/she would not care for excess of load and somehow table broke once again. I needed permanent fix.
    I stumbled upon this table. Two things struck about it at once. First, its Aluminum alloy material and secondly its flexibility of changing the position i wanted. Only bad part about this was it seemed to me expensive. It sounded to me over priced as i had spent already over Rs. 3000 in earlier table. But i went ahead and took the risk as it promised me to make up with all the shortcomings i saw in earlier tables. I must say, if you really want to take care of any future back problem and would also like to work at the same time, this table is for you. This is portable, sturdy and can be used by all the member of the family from kids to elderly people. It has multipurpose use too, read, study, eat.
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