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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon

Language English
Contributor(s) Anna Banks
Binding Hardcover
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Product Details
Language English
Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Contributor(s) Anna Banks
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 10 1250003326
ISBN 13 9781250003324
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Overall Rating 2 out of 5 stars
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     Featuring the densest mermaid ever... 15 December, 2013 On
    This is what happens when I don’t heed the advice of my most trusted book buddies. The cover looked delicious and promising (I know! I know, never judge a book by its cover!) A book like Of Poseidon comes along and many hours are wasted on its torturous and infuriating pages. The start was really promising, with Emma and her friend Chloe literally stumbling into a super attractive guy called Galen. Galen happens to be a royal Syrena (or merman) from the House of Triton, and he believes that Emma is a Syrena with her characteristic violet eyes and gift of Poseidon, where she can talk to sea creatures.

    In preparation of this review, I have earmarked 16 pages throughout the book.

    What I enjoyed about Of Poseidon

    The mermaid mythology. Mermaids seem to be the next big thing, and this one was my first. I quite enjoyed the details about Syrena, how they sift and find their next mate to ensure the continuity of their species. Having the Triton and the Poseidon as rival houses with different powers was interesting too (although I’m not quite sure how they are rivals but also perfect mates)

    The cute ocean references. The syrena have really cute terms of endearment scattered throughout the book, like angelfish, swearing by Triton’s trident, minnow, and the dreaded stonefish.

    Evocative oceanic scenes. Of Poseidon features some great underwater scenes of interacting with the aquatic creatures that are there and even diving deep below to the bowels of the ocean. I loved the part where they explored the Titanic and discovered Emma’s power with prolonged time under the ocean.

    What I didn’t enjoy about Of Poseidon

    Warning: spoilers and ranting ahead.

    Interchanging third and first person perspectives. This made the book really hard to
    get into, with Emma’s perspective in first person and Galen’s perspective in third person. The flow of the book was somewhat interrupted and sometimes when you are reading about one person, the plot jumps when it goes into the next person’s perspective.

    Emma’s constant temper tantrums. For a girl who is supposedly known to be sweet in class, she has a huge temper and throws unreasonable tantrums throughout the book. She throws Rayna, Galen’s sister through a glass door with murderous intentions, and after fighting she’s whimpering within seconds. Emma is quick to judge and go off at other people, especially Galen, and can’t even stick to her beliefs either. One second, she blows up about Rayna being forced into marriage, and the next second she’s helping the husband Toraf with making her jealous. Whhhattt?!

    Emma’s absolute denseness. Throughout the book, her sheer stupidity was evident. When Galen suggests that she might be adopted due to her Syrena traits, she believes him over her own mother, even when she produces photographic evidence of her birth with both parents present, and her birth certificate. WHY? Not to mention this:

    You’d think they’d notice my heart is on the opposite side of my chest. I mean are you sure you’re reading this right? You’re not a human doctor, you’re basically a veterinarian right? You could be wrong.

    Because according to Emma, vets don’t know which side a humans’ heart is.

    Galen’s possessiveness. Besides being obsessed with her red lips and Syrena heritage, the only reason Galen is sticking around is to find out whether she really is Of Poseidon and I’m just saving her for my brother. When Emma breaks up with him, he stalks her, blows up her phone, beats up the guy she’s with and makes serial-killer eyes. Not to mention his sexist philosophy:

    He scours his memory for a sweet-natured Syrena who would take care of him, who would do whatever he asked, who would never argue with him.

    Eye-rolling goodness. Emma constantly uses the phrase Ohmysweetgoodness and constantly blushes at every thought of Galen. As soon as the two break up, Galen literally gets hoarded by “a hurricane of teenage females” girls texting him, propositioning him, “touching him, giggling at him, smiling at him for no reason, and distracting him…”

    Way ahead of the plot reveal. How come Emma can’t summon her fin but she can breath underwater? Why does she have the traits of a human but have the Gift of Poseidon? I don’t know, maybe because she’s a half-breed? After Xrays, testing of Emma’s gift, checking of the heart rate and the pulse, they finally come to this conclusion, and it’s dragged over two chapters, like it wasn’t already half obvious.

    Completing brushing over the best friend’s death. Instead of mourning her friend who got eaten by a shark, Emma quickly transitions into daydreaming about dating Galen and thinking of ways to get him to kiss her. Not to mention the mother encouraging her thoughts towards Galen. Since when is a hot guy more important than a close friend’s death??

    Final thoughts

    Suffice to say, I can’t really recommend Of Poseidon. I’ve suffered through way too many Bella Swans and annoying main characters and Emma was possibly one of the worst. There were many scenes that seemed to be really immature with Galen, Emma and even Emma’s mum doing or saying things that were rash, juvenile and self-centered. That being said, I know some people really loved the mermaid mythology and oceanic scenes. Unfortunately, I have the next book on my shelf waiting to be reviewed, so I’ll have to read it sometime.
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