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Power Bank 5200mah - Samsung Battery powered

Power Bank 5200mah - Samsung Battery powered

Model Number 5200mah
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Product Description

Power Bank 5200mah - Samsung Battery powered

Charge the phone whenever and wherever required the best power bank for the Samsung phones with the battery capacity of 5200 mAh, compatible with any release or series of Samsung phones. It is a Perfect duo for the frequent travelers and those who spend time online don't worry about the draining battery anymore.

It has micro USB connection, which connects both the Samsung phone and the power bank. It is from leading power bank manufacturers itself, so no more worries of the product authenticity. It is as easy as connecting the phone to a wall socket for charging. It also sets for all the smart phones, all types of Samsung tablets and other devices from Samsung that micro USB port connects through.

The power banks has various capacities that differ according to the type, this power bank is 5200 mille Amps per hour, which is about 10 hours if calculated. It is very small and light in weight, so it is very ideal for travelers to take it along in the travel time. It charges very fast with high output current of 1 amp value. This power bank promises 100% extra talk time for every use. The power bank can be charged via a laptop, computer or also an AC power outlet, so it is a good idea to charge the power bank before any long night travel.

The battery is of Lithium ion make which is the original Samsung's authentic battery use. It is a single output of 1 am and is also a super LED torch when necessary. It gives 80% more time for tablets when compared to the smart phone. The same charging ports can be used to charge the power bank and the torch easily. No problem with overload or over charge, it doesn't short circuit, it is protected from all the threats.

The power bank always comes with good warranty for any repair and replacements. It is of great quality and is much durable. One of the most useful inventions to resolve the issue of battery drain with the smart phones. It's been common to find those having a smart phone to hold a basic mobile always handy to resolve this issue of battery drains. That important issue is resolved with the power bank. It is a onetime investment along with the smart phone. Various color options are available for the power bank, buy the one that matches the color of the phone and stay cool.

Company Description:

"Unique items" is a company that produces the power banks for most of the smart phones. It is reliable, durable and trusts worthy enough to buy the product online. The power banks are in various colors which is attractive. It comes within the price range and is a just a added investment along with the smart phone or tablet bought. Buy it right away along with the phone so it goes handy. Travel across with the power bank.

In a world laden with innovation and technology, it takes a lot for a gadget to turn a few heads. The best you can do is buy something that fulfills your needs within your happy budget. So, if you're looking for something on the same lines, then buying this product becomes a no brainer! This particular name is a pioneer in the said domain, impressively coming out with products for personal use. This isn't just an electronic item or a gadget, it might turn out to be your new best friend. Sounds great doesn't it? brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • Lithium ion battery with 5200 mAh capacity (Original SAMSUNG batteries are used)
  • Single output of 1A and super bright LED torch, Provides 80% extra play time for tablets
  • 1 USB charging ports - Can charge and torch work simultaneously, super long stand by time
  • Overload, overcharge and short circuit protection
  • Compatible with most tablets and smartphones including
Product Details
Brand Uniqueitems
Model Number 5200mah
Colour Name Multicolor

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