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Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figure
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Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figure

Minimum Age 4 years
Material Plastic
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Overview: Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figure

The most popular kid's action figure, the Power Ranger Samurai Megazord, can now be seen in a much slimmer and a sleek action look. This action figure symbolizes traditional masculine traits.These days they are not advertised as kid's toys, but they are advertised as adult collector's items too. Most adults purchase and collect these action figures as a hobby, whereas kids collect them for their limitless flexibility in role play and fantasy.

What is new?

This new action figure has the 5 different zords which are Lion, Dragon, Bear, Monkey and the Turtle. All of these, when come together take the form of Megazord. This is a must have for kids as well for those who are into the hobby of collection of action figures. This is a part of the Zordbuilder, which was initially introduced in the year 2010 and this is the core body to all the cycles as well as the vehicles. So, it is time to collect them all.

How to collect them?

The internet is an important development in the modelling and sales in the toy market. It connects various vendors worldwide and allows once out of reach figurines to be accessible to every person who is interested in collecting Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figure as a hobby or a toy. One can buy online these action figures. Buying, cataloguing and displaying a collection of action figures basically involves a level of research, interest and devotion. Most hobbists find that they are extremely attached to their collections as they entail a great amount of hard work and expense. One can also join for the online action figure collectible forums in order to keep track of the latest developments in the field and also receive information about any the Power Ranger action figures and collections that they might be looking for. With advancement in technology, the Power Ranger Samurai Megazord Action Figures are fitted with several novelties as well as working and moving parts and weapons, which make them extremely attractive to any child.

Product Details
Manufacturer Power Rangers
Manufacturer Part Number 31579
Brand Power Rangers
Minimum Age 4 years
Target Audience Children
Material Plastic
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1 kg

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Power rangers samurai 6 September, 2013 On
    This action figure includes- red lion zord, blue dragon zord , green bear zord, yellow ape zord and pink turtle zord. I like this toy very much because it is very cool and has a big sword ana a helmet. I like these zords because they can open their mouth and how they have made symbols on them is very cool. On the sword is also written symbols. It is a very good toy but I doesn't like turtle in hand mode because it looks like it doesn't have a hand it's like a straight stick which cannot move and same for ape zord .they should have made zords inner part facing inside not outside. Although it is a good toy and it has a Sheba clan symbol but its helmet is a little big. If you want to buy a toy then it is a good option . By= harsh Tripathi
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