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Prakruthi's Traditional Temple Jewellery Pendant Set With Drop Earring For Women_MW1029
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Prakruthi's Traditional Temple Jewellery Pendant Set With Drop Earring For Women_MW1029

Material Crystal
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Product Description

Indian women wear jewellery for the purpose of appearing graceful and beautiful and have been doing so for many years. The symbolism of jewellery in India is very evident as jewellery has always formed a very important part during festive and religious occasions. For women in India, jewellery has always held a very important significance. India has always considered it very auspicious if a woman wears jewellery, be it in any form. It is noticed that even the poorest of women of India would be seen wearing a piece of jewellery, no matter how small it is. Traditionally, jewellery has even been associated with power, status and wealth. If you are searching for a gorgeous jewellery set which consists of a necklace along with a pair of earrings that you could wear for this upcoming wedding season, then this jewellery set by Prakruthi would be the ideal choice for you. Shop for the Prakruthi Temple Jewellery Pendant Set With Drop Earring online.

Design and Style of the Set:

This Prakruthi pendant jewellery set is royally appealing jewellery set which comprises of a beautiful necklace with a large pendant that is in a combination of gold, red and green that features stones encrusted in them. The necklace is very heavy and intricate, in a gorgeous combination of red, green and red with a beautiful traditional look that is responsible for giving this necklace a very pretty, gorgeous and heavy bridal look that is perfect for this year's wedding season. The look of this pretty necklace is such that it covers your entire neck in the form of a choker style that also makes the pendant a very striking feature that is sure to attract everyone's attention. The necklace portion has a beaded effect in a combination of gold, red and green. This beautiful necklace also consists of a set of elegant and pretty earrings which follow the same pattern as found on the necklace of the set. The earrings in this set are heavy and intricately crafted in the red and green stones with a small red crystal dangling at the very bottom of the necklace. The earrings cover a large portion of the ear like the necklace does and is perfect for those who like their jewellery to be heavy and intricate. Made from metal, this set is sure to last you long for years to come and would be the ideal option for fashion conscious women who love to dress up a lot when it comes to weddings.

Team up this Jewellery Set:

This jewellery set by Prakruthi is the perfect choice for the upcoming wedding season, and also makes a very beautiful gift for the year's festive season. The set is heavy with intricate work and beautiful stones. Weddings look for a lot of decking up due to which you could choose to wear beautiful Kanjivaram sarees either in red or green to match your jewellery set perfectly. This outfit and the set would give you a very traditional look, which is perfectly in touch with the cultural significance of India. You can finish your look with a pair of pretty flats or heels, depending on your comfort level and the duration of the ceremony that you are attending. Follow these style tips and you can be sure to grab people's attention as well as compliments for yourself. You should also make sure to polish the jewellery set regularly before and after usage to keep it shining and to keep it clean for a long period of time. If you do not polish your set it would lead to the colour fading and in turn losing its lustre. Jewellery also has a lot of significance in the lives of Indian women, due to which they are also gifted with jewellery during various phases of their lives which include birth, coming of age, marriage and on becoming a mother. Jewellery such as toe rings, mangalsutras as well as nose rings are very important for Indian women who are married. This ethnic and traditional Indian Jewellery pendant set is the perfect choice for you.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Prakruthi

Features red and green and gold stones

Keep this jewellery set in a separate jewellery box. Polish regularly before and after use to keep the set clean and shiny. Use a clean, dry piece of cloth.

Buy the for this Prakruthi Temple Jewellery Pendant Set With Drop Earring online.

Product Details
Material Crystal
Model Number MODEL 2

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