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Pram With All Four Rotating Wheels

Pram With All Four Rotating Wheels

Brand Mee Mee
Colour Black
Maximum Age 2 years
Minimum Age 1 month
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Overview: Pram With All Four Rotating Wheels

A pram is one of the best things to possess if you wish to move around with your baby in an easy manner. It allows your child to sit, relax or lie down in it, while you get your chores done. The Pram With All Four Rotating Wheels from Mee Mee is one such effective item, which you could get for your little one. It comes in an attractive blue and black colour that would delight your child. This pram also includes a number of features, which help keep your baby at ease. If you wish to shop online for this product, then make it a point to compare prices at the Junglee website before putting in your money. You could end up saving by doing so.

Reversible handles allow you to face your child

This pram for baby comes with a reversible handle, which proves quite beneficial since it allows you to turn the pram in all possible directions. You can even connect with your child better, since you are able to face him whenever you want. Front facing position should not be an issue with this product.

Double seat cushion makes your child comfortable

The Mee Mee pram comes with a double seat cushion. This provides adequate support to your baby's delicate frame and keeps him comfortable throughout. He can sit or lie down without feeling any discomfort or stiffness.

Storage pouch allows you to carry essential items

Often there are different items that you need to carry when going out. Now, it becomes difficult to carry such stuff when you have a pram to handle. Well, you need not worry about this issue any longer, since this Mee Mee pram comes with a storage pouch, where you can keep all your essential stuff.

Automatic lock ensures your child's safety

This pram for baby is absolutely safe to use because of the automatic lock feature. It will not start moving on its own, while you are busy shopping or getting some work done.

Features: Pram With All Four Rotating Wheels

  • Canopy can be attached or detached.
  • A 5 point harness belt with a shoulder and waist belt provides maximum security to the seated child.
  • A double seat cushion provides maximum backrest to the child.
  • Automatic lock ensures that the pram won't fold even if a lever is accidentally pressed.
  • All eight wheels have 360* rotating function.
Product Details
Manufacturer Me N Moms
Brand Mee Mee
Model Number MM-8372
Colour Black
Maximum Age 2 years
Minimum Age 1 month
Item Package Quantity 1

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