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The Pregnant King

The Pregnant King

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin India
Hindu mythology holds many important events and stories which have been handed down generation after generation as a part of society's ways and norms. The Mahabharata is one such epic that speaks of the King Yuvanashva and his unique story.The popular and just ruler of Vallabhi, King Yuvanashva, is an obedient son and an equally devoted husband to his wives. But even the happiest of homes have secret tragedies hidden in their midst. Shilavati, the king's mother, refuses to give him permission to join the famous battle of Kurukshetra, because the king is unable to sire a worthy heir for his throne despite years of devotion and rituals. Finally, out of sheer desperation he turns to Yaja and Upajaya, two powerful sages, who create a magical potion that when taken by his queens will impregnate them.But what happens next is unexpected, King Yuvanashva accidentally ends up drinking the potion. Here arises a series of complications; a pregnant king? What happens to his son, Mandhata, who is u ... See more
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