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Premium S-Line TPU Case / Cover for Xiaomi Redmi Note (Dual Sim & 4g Models) - Black : by Cool Mango (TM)

Premium S-Line TPU Case / Cover for Xiaomi Redmi Note (Dual Sim & 4g Models) - Black : by Cool Mango (TM)

Colour Black
Compatible Devices Xiaomi Redmi Note Dual Sim, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g
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Product Description

Worried of protecting your Xiaomi Redmi Note? Then please have a look at this one. The Cool Mango premium case covers are specially designed for giving extra protection to Xiaomi Redmi Note. It is one of the largest phones available at the market now. So definitely it needs the protection that it demands. Cool Mango covers definitely will give maximum protection to your Redmi Note. It is specially designed for giving utmost protection to smart phones. It is hard, durable and long lasting. It perfectly fits into your phone and you can remove it easily. The special design in black color gives a whole new look for your phone.

Why Xiaomi Redmi Note need a hard protective cover?

Bigger phones are usually difficult to handle. They are more prone to fall from our hands, scratches, dust, liquids etc. Since this is one of the largest mobiles available right now in the smart phone market, it definitely needs that kind of protection. Suppose if we accidentally drop our phone it may result in big problems to the phone. If the display got broken due to it, we need to spend a big sum of money to get it replaced. It is because; such falls do not come under the guarantee section. So to avoid such instances and to protect our phone against scratches, dust etc you definitely need a good protective cover. Low quality protective covers do not ensure the protection that you need. You definitely need to buy a protective cover produced by a premium brand.

Cool Mango protective covers gives the best protection for Xiaomi Redmi Note

They are made from a superior quality material known as TPU. It is entirely different from rubber and plastic and is generally known as rubber gel case. It is specially designed by keeping anti skid property. It means that the chances for the phone to fall from your hands will be less. In normal cases our phone slips from our hand when our hand becomes oily. The special material employed in this case production is capable to absorb such oils and prevents such falls by giving a tight grip.

Another important thing is its easiness to fit into your phone. When using a normal protective cover, you need to struggle a lot to fit the cover into your phone. The removal process is much more complicated. But this protective covers are very easy to fit and remove. Hence there are no chances to develop scratches and unwanted marks in your phone due to the removal and fitting process.

It is manufactured by allotting the slots for all keys for the phone such as volume control keys, power button, headphone jack, battery and USB slot, microphone slot etc. It ensures that all these keys are functioning properly and the protective cover do not interfere in it. When we use some low quality cases, we might feel some problems when using it. We do not need to change the cover for using any of these buttons or slots.

A special kind of glossy and matt finish is employed in its design. It gives a supreme look for your phone. Another important thing is that it gives maximum protection against dust and liquid or water particles entering your phone. It is also free from any kind of scratches and also able to absorb finger prints.

It is available in jet black color which is really stunning. It suits both versions of Xiaomi Redmi Note which means its 3G and 4G versions.

On the whole Cool Mango protective covers made with TPU technology is the most suited protective covers for your Xiaomi Redmi Note. If you want to give the best protection to your phone, then do not waste your precious time. Order the high quality Cool Mango protective covers from at the best price.

Product Features

  • This S-line Ant-Skid TPU Back case for Xiaomi Redmi Note by Cool Mango provides essential protection for your device from scratches, dust and minor bump. It is precisely engineered to fit your Xiaomi Redmi Note(both dual sim and 4g models) perfectly and snugly.
  • All essential operations on the phone such as camera, volume adjustment, off-on, charging, headphone access etc can be done seamlessly without removing the case/cover.
  • This case is made out premium TPU material and is very easy to grip. It has knurled pattern on it's sides for enhanced grip and thus prevents the phone from slipping from your hands.
  • This case is designed to fit both Xiaomi Redmi Note dual sim and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g models perfectly.
  • Go ahead choose this case from Cool Mango if you are out looking for a good quality protection case which does not add bulk to your device, looks fabulous on the device and importantly protects your Xiaomi Redmi Note
Product Details
Manufacturer Cool Mango
Brand Cool Mango
Model Number RNoteTpuBLK
Colour Name Jet Black
Colour Black
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover
Special Features Perfect fit and finish, Access to all ports, Made up for premium TPU, Unique Matt + Gloss finish, Good protection to device, Does not add bulk to the device
Compatible Devices Xiaomi Redmi Note Dual Sim, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 19.1 cm x 9.8 cm x 2.5 cm

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