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Prestige Kitchen Hood DKH 900 SM 02

Prestige Kitchen Hood DKH 900 SM 02

Brand Prestige
Model Number DKH- 900SM 02
Colour Silver
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Overview: Prestige Kitchen Hood DKH 900 SM 02

The Prestige Kitchen Hood upholds the motto, �A clean kitchen is always a healthy kitchen�. Not only does it make it easy for you to cook meals, it also creates a pleasant atmosphere, which your guests, neighbours and friends will appreciate. A major problem with cooking is on a stove are the fumes that are generated from the food. The smoke that rises from it can have a drastic effect on your health, and it also settles on the walls and the ceiling, creating a thick layer of grease and grime. The house of Prestige is renowned for providing highly functional kitchen appliances that meet all your expectations, and also bring style into your modular kitchen. Prestige has constantly backed its appliances with quality designa and durable bodies. They carry on this legacy in the form of this hood, which is a solution to many of your kitchen woes.

This Prestige kitchen hood adapts to your various needs in the kitchen and provides the best surrounding for cooking. It has a sleek and stylish frame to add a contemporary flair to the interiors. The hood operates with the help of a 200 watts motor, which captures all the smoke arising from the vessel, and filters it before send it outside. This way it is safe for your kitchen as well as the environment. The intelligent design of this kitchen hood from Prestige lets you customise it to meet with your daily requirements. It comes with a finger touch slider switch, which grants superior control over the many options. You can also use the remote control to wirelessly change the settings on the hood. The hood flaunts a digital display panel on its side, which showcases the current settings.

The 200-Watts hood has a stainless steel construction, and looks really elegant in the kitchen. It also employs a stainless steel buffer in its mechanism to ensure a noiseless operation. Hence, you can cook and drive the smoke outside without worrying about disturbing others. The filtering of the fumes happens through two aluminium grease filters. These filters can then be cleaned separately to maintain the cleanliness aspect of the hood. The air sucked out from the kitchen at a rate of 720 cubic metres per hour. The powerful drive of the motor eradicates all harmful smoke and odour from the area, and promotes a neat, mess-free cooking room. This stainless steel kitchen hood also employs a fluorescent lamp in the form of a strip, which aids in night-time cooking. The hood is not available for online shopping, so you can make a purchase easily.

Product Details
Manufacturer Prestige
Brand Prestige
Model Number DKH- 900SM 02
Colour Silver

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