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Prestige Mini Induction Cook Top

Prestige Mini Induction Cook Top

Brand Prestige
Model Number ICCSPTU00425KK
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Overview: Prestige Mini Induction Cook Top

Faster and tastier ways of cooking have become one of the necessities in today's hectic life. Cooking at home always takes time, and everybody wants a delicious product. In today's world, time and space have become very limited. In a limited time, one has to finish a certain amount of jobs, and in a limited space one has to fit in his/her belongings; same goes for cooking and cooking appliances. The conventional cooking on a gas burner takes time and occupies lots of space, as well. This calls for a requirement of a device that can cook faster retaining the flavours and nutrition. The advances in technology have come up with the invention of induction cooktops that consume less time and space. Prestige Mini Induction Cook Top is the perfect option, in case, you are looking for a device that can make your kitchen chores easier and more comfortable. With size of this induction cooktop, one does not need huge space to prepare food.

The Prestige Mini Induction Cook Top has a power consumption of 1200 W and comes with switches for each of its functions. You can maintain the temperature as you can see it on the screen. It also comes with some preset Indian menus so that you do not have to set or manage the temperature for cooking those meals. You just need to press the appropriate buttons as you cook, the cooktop will adjust the temperature on its own. The only thing you need to do is prepare the ingredients and put it in a vessel, and start cooking at the ideal temperature of the dish. The induction cooktop also has a timer that you can use to cook, steam or boil something for a period of time. With the timer, you do not have to keep an eye on the dish all the time, or worry about getting it overcooked or burnt, because as the timer stops, the induction cooker also stops working.

You can also use it for direct heating and is also compatible for all vessels including glass plates. Since it has a compact size, you can use your living room or any other place where there is an electric socket to cook while watching your favourite television shows or doing other household chores. It has an elegant design making it look more attractive than the gas stoves. The compact and portable induction cooktop prevents its wire and circuit from insects and water with its safety features. In no time, you will be ready with your dishes. It is a must have for everyone in today's time; both to save time and energy. You can shop online and get it delivered at your doorstep as soon as possible. Have a happy cooking with the induction cooktop.
Product Details
Manufacturer Prestige
Brand Prestige
Model Number ICCSPTU00425KK
Colour Name Black

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