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Presto 8 Multi Gym

Presto 8 Multi Gym

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Overview: Presto 8 Multi Gym

Long hours at work, irregular sleep and eating affects mental and physical health, but these can be taken care of by making a little extra effort. In present times most of us are conscious about our health and fitness and do the best for our well being. Shop online for Presto 8 Multi Gym a compact set of equipment for fitness training. For those conscious about maintaining their fitness by burning extra fat, increasing muscle tone and becoming stronger a multi-gym is a useful apparatus. Buy online Presto 8 Multi Gym an 8 stations multi gym with 5 weight stacks stations and 3 free weights for an effective fitness regime at a very affordable price.

Use the 8 stations multi gym for full body workout with exercises that target your back, chest, arms, legs and abdominal muscles and improve bone density. Don't forget to do the warm up and cool-down exercises before and after your workout or you may end-up injuring yourself. To achieve the best results learn the appropriate techniques of using a multi-gym and gradually increase your levels. The multi-gym is a useful and space saving equipment for the health conscious. The compact equipment can be installed at home, fitness centres, stadiums, educational institutes, offices, gyms and hotels. However, do a thorough check of the space available and the dimension of the multi-gym before purchasing the multi-gym equipment.

Presto 8 Multi Gym is available online at very affordable prices. A number of weightlifting and other exercises can be performed to improve muscle tone on Presto equipment which is an 8 stations multi gym with 5 weight stacks stations and 3 free weights. The regular multi-gym components are weight-lifting, leg press bench for working the quadriceps and calf muscles in addition to lat pull down for triceps and grip bars for toning the arms and upper body. There is a pulley system in the centre of this multi-gym apparatus which allows you to adjust the weight-lifting and resistance mechanisms over a range of heavy and light weights.

Presto 8 Multi Gym comes with 3 weights for free. The detachable bench feature gives you the freedom to remove it from the equipment's structure if required. Now this bench can be used for regular weight-lifting with dumbbells. Equipments by Presto, one of the leading manufacturers of exercise and fitness training equipments in India, are available online. The combined use of superior raw materials and advance technology make these good quality products. Its unique design provides maximum comfort to fitness lovers. Thorough quality check of the products is done before despatching it to the customer. Presto claims to supply and manufacture superior quality of Multi Station Gym.

For which they use high grade raw materials that are procured from their trusted vendors. These products can be used is in various fitness clubs, stadiums, educational institutes, gyms, hotels and residences. You can shop online for this premium quality of 8 stations multi gym with 5 weight stacks stations and 3 free weights and have your own personalised workout centres.

Product Features:

Brand & Manufacturer: Presto

Model Number LYSN6134

Colour: Multicolour

Easy to install and operate

Long life

Precise dimension

Sturdy design

Features: Presto 8 Multi Gym

  • Easy to install
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