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Presto Door Bar

Presto Door Bar

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Overview: Presto Door Bar

The presto door bar is a clever and handy little equipment that will motivate you to get more exercise done in the comfort of your own home. This handy bar is very easy to install and require practically no maintenance and is budget friendly. The presto door bar provides a full body workout. You can do pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, abdominal crunches and much more.

The presto bar is also a fun and easy way to incorporate some exercise into kids, of course under adult supervision. Kids can hang from the bar and do pull ups and exercises, this will keep them flexible and elongate their muscles.

Material, Design and Installation:

The presto door bar is made of solid metal and is covered with a soft grip rubber material for comfort. Adjustable foam grips on the bar for both hands provide added comfort and versatility to the exercise bar.

Installation takes no more than five minutes. Simply screw in the bar supports on both sides of the door, insert the presto bar in one side of the support and extend it to fit the support on the opposite side. As soon as you have secured both on the door, you are ready to use this convenient and high impact exercise bar.

Recommended usage and care

The presto door bar is a very versatile exercise tool. This handy bar is great for pull ups. With the option of sliding grips on the bar, you can perform pull ups from varying distance such as wide grip or close grip pushups. Simply flip your hand and do chin ups. You can even get a full torso workout by performing leg raises. This bar is also great for stabilizing core exercises. To get the most out of this bar, try and incorporate a routine of push-ups, planks, sit ups and squats.

Once you are done with your work out, simply use a clean damp cloth to wipe away any sweat. This handy exercise bar is very low maintenance. To remove the exercise bar, just shorten the bar from one end and take it off. The presto bar holds weight up to 250lbs.

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