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Prey for the Soulless

Prey for the Soulless

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Language English
Contributor(s) K R Lugo
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Prey for the Soulless

Prey for the Soulless is a dystopian novel. It provides a vivid description and completely entrances its readers. The book also delves deep into various issues faced by the society. It goes through many ups and downs and is fast-paced. Keep yourself entertained with this easy to read book.

Thought Provoking

Prey for the Soulless is a thought-provoking and yet an entertaining book. The book portrays a society which has fallen into the abyss of mismanagement and disorganization. Its main protagonist is Marcus Powers, who is the most powerful man in the entire world and has a penchant for the game, which sees persons being pitted against each other for his entertainment. Powers' ambition lies in becoming the leader of the world. He meets his match in Father O'Bannion, an ex-communicated priest. The book chronicles the struggle and fight between Powers and O'Bannion. It is a fast-paced book which goes through many twists and turns. It keeps readers entertained and entranced till the end. The book is written in clear and interesting prose and transports the readers to a virtual reality. The writer can provide a vivid description of the dystopian society and provides food for thought to the readers. It is an interesting book which delivers a poignant message.

Engaging PlotPrey for the Soulless has an engaging storyline. The book is written by K. R. Lugo. The author has written several other best-selling books such as Schism. The writer is an excellent storyteller who can provide a life-like description of its characters and set ups. The story flows in a natural manner, making it easier for the readers to understand the plot. The writer also lets its characters grow in an organic manner, adding to the natural flow of the book. The book provides wholesome entertainment while making its readers think about the course of the society. It is a thought-provoking book which offers many ideas in an interesting manner. The book is targeted at people with varied interests and will appeal to readers from all walks of the life. It is a good addition to any bibliophile's library. To get this product, you can place the order online. The ISBN-10 number is 1475994737 and the ISBN-13 number is 978-1475994735.

Features: Prey for the Soulless

  • iUniverse
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date August 6, 2013
Publisher IUniverse
Contributor(s) K R Lugo
Binding Paperback
Page Count 392
ISBN 10 1475994737
ISBN 13 9781475994735
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 572 grams
Product Dimensions 15.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 22.9 cm
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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     suspenseful and intelligent read 16 December, 2013 On
    K.R. Lugo’s novel Prey for the Soulless is set in a society of the not-too-distant future that has lost its moral conscience.

    The story begins as two gladiators fight to the death in combat reminiscent of ancient Rome. Thousands cheer on the blood sport in person, while billions more watch on high definition flat screens and gamble on the outcome.

    In the next match, the stakes grow higher as Jason White (aka Ramses), the gladiatorial champion with over 500 kills to his credit, claims to have found God and refuses to fight. He is summarily blown to bits by snipers. After a moment of hushed shock, the bloodthirsty crowd cheers just as lustily for the assassination as they did for the gladiatorial combat.

    In Lugo’s world, the Constitution has been amended to allow the Games to satisfy the sadistic pleasures of the population. Big business, led by Marcus Powers, the world’s richest man, has taken most of the power from the government, and the Earth seems headed for the end-times. It appears that the only ones competing with Powers are the bosses of organized crime.

    While the author has a gift for pacing and description, portraying the gore of the battles in meticulous detail, the novel has two major faults. First, there’s no protagonist with whom readers can empathize. Every character is a “bad guy”; some are just more evil than others. For the novel to join the ranks of the great apocalyptic stories such as Stephen King’s The Stand, there has to be someone to root for. Second, Lugo introduces several plot elements that are never developed. (For example, Powers plans to run for president, but he never does.)

    Still, in an age when video games celebrate violence for its own sake, a book that relies on graphic violence should find its niche. Readers who are solely interested in action may enjoy the novel, as Lugo displays considerable talent in this regard.
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