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Prime Food Saver Container ( 503) - 300ml

Prime Food Saver Container ( 503) - 300ml

Brand Prime
Model Number Food Saver 503
Colour Blue
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Overview: Prime Food Saver Container ( 503) - 300ml

The improved containers are essential assets for your modular kitchen. This Prime Food Saver Container consists of containers that can be used for storing all food items in it. This is a trustworthy brand and you can depend on the products that are manufactured from here. The brand deals in products that are made of durable quality materials. They are tough and long lasting in nature. This container is made of special design and technique. This exclusive Prime Food Saver Container is used to store away extra food that you keep for the next day. The container comes with an easy closing lid that keeps the food fresh and healthy even for the next day. You can easily fill this container with food and place it in your fridge. They are easy to use and a must have for every home. You can easily Shop Prime Food Saver Container - 300ml online from here.

Material and Design

This exclusive container is made of premium quality material which is quite safe for the health. It does not contaminate the food or decreases in nutritional value if you keep food in this. The kitchen is one place where you keep a whole lot edible items and cooked food covered with bowls and other utensils. To get to rid with all these issues, the brand Prime brings you safe and easy to use food containers. This particular container can be used to fill up all the extra food in it. You can pour in liquid or semi liquid and solid food items in it and clear the space on the kitchen slab. This container has enough space and can store in an average quantity (for one person) amount of food in it. The lid that comes along with it can be used to cover the container before leaving the box out or in the refrigerator. The lid keeps the food remain fresh for long hours.

User Friendliness

This container is of 300 ml and you can easily pour in or empty out food from this. It is highly user friendly and can be easily carried while travelling as well. This will allow you to save the extra food and avoid wastage as much as possible. Your refrigerator is one very common place which gets cluttered quite easily. You can use these light weight containers to fill up the extra quantity of rood, cover the lid and place it in your refrigerator. The container is compact in size and so does not acquire much space too. This will make more space in the fridge and keep it clean and tidy. This is an ideal way to keep the leftovers fresher for long hours, undoubtedly. Get this effective container home today. You can easily place your order here.

Light weight and easy to carry

The durable Food Saver Container is quite light weighted and so you can easily carry your food in it. Once you close the lid the box remains in a sealed form until you open it. There is no chance of leakage from the sides, because the lid of the container is sealed without leaving any spaces in between. This is an essential item for school going children and for you for carrying your lunch. Buy Prime Food Saver Container - 300ml online.

Key Features

Durable and compact in size

Great for storing food

Easily washable

Product Details
Manufacturer Prime
Brand Prime
Model Number Food Saver 503
Colour Blue

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