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Prime Laundrett - Rectangle Laundry Basket

Prime Laundrett - Rectangle Laundry Basket

Brand Prime
Model Number Laundrett
Colour White
Material Plastic
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Overview: Prime Laundrett - Rectangle Laundry Basket

The era that we live in is such that style has become a very important aspect in one's life. People are concerned about the way they look, the way their house looks and the like. Nowadays, people are absolutely conscious about the interior of their homes. The fact that most of the people spend a lot of time outside their homes cannot be denied. People are extremely busy with the daily toils in their lives that it becomes almost very difficult to take care of the house on a daily basis. For people who like uncluttered neat and tidy house, to maintain that also becomes a challenge. With the hustle bustle of life, life becomes very exhausting. No one would like to enter a cluttered house after a long day. Laundry is another very important aspect. It is a task that is very tiring. However, if things are in order then even laundry can be easy and less exhausting. An untidy laundry room is often a major turn off. However, Prime Laundrette- Rectangle Laundry Basket is one of those products that will make life very easy for you. For those who are fussy and and want to be a great organizer, this product is definitely a blessing. This simple item will sure brighten your laundry space.


Prime is a very well known brand dealing with various ranges of household products. They are known for the high quality of their products. They deal with a wide type of items needed on a daily basis. Their products are extremely appealing to look at but at the same time they are very useful too. The functionality of their products cannot be overlooked. The products by prime are very genuine. They have products specially suited for their customer's needs and demands. The designs of their products are very innovative. Their products are sure to help you in many ways. They will serve the purpose that they are meant to. The demand for the products by Prime is rising day by day. You can buy online their items very conveniently.


Prime Laundrette - Rectangle Laundry Basket is a fabulous product that can serve various other purposes as well. It is meant to store your washed clothes or the clothes that are to be washed. Basically it serves a storing purpose. It is made of plastic and comes it soothing white colour. It is sure to lighten up the mood of the interior of your house. This is a great way to keep your laundry items. This is such an item that will help you keep your house neat and tidy. It can be placed anywhere. The whole idea of keeping your laundry items uncluttered is simply nice. This is a remarkable item that will tidy up the entire look of your laundry room. The material used is plastic. It is extremely durable and will definitely serve you for years. The design of the product is verysimple yet appealing. It is good to look at and at the same time is one of the most essential items that is needed in one's home. The product helps you keep your clothes in good condition even when not in your closet. It keeps the clean clothes fresh and the not cleaned ones together so that you can have all the untidy clothes at a place and easily give for washing. Both ways you can use the product. It is a definite must have for your beautiful home.


  • BRAND: Prime
  • MODEL NUMBER: Laundrette
  • COLOUR: White
  • MATERIAL: Plastic


The products by Prime are very durable. The quality of the products is very genuine. High class materials are used to manufacture the products. This Rectangle Laundry Basket is an amazing product that one can own. It is a life saver if you are not a much organised person. It will definitely make your laundry room better. It is ideal for those who are finicky about the décor of their home. However, the maintenance of this product is not that difficult. It is made of plastic so it is water resistant. Keep the product away from sharp objects. Since, it is plastic made keep it at all times away from anything hot. Do not bring it into contact with flammable items. The product, is basically, very durable and will hence, continue to serve you for years to come.

Product Details
Manufacturer Prime
Brand Prime
Model Number Laundrett
Colour White
Material Plastic

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