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Prince of Ayodhya

Prince of Ayodhya

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Language English
Contributor(s) Ashok K. Banker
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Prince of Ayodhya

There are many mythological characters in the Indian culture, which are equally popular the world over. The character of prince Rama is one such legend from the epic story of Ramayana. The original Ramayana was written around 3,000 years ago and had faced many small but deliberate alterations along the passing of years. One of the latest editions in the series of Ramayana is the book called Prince of Ayodhya by Ashok K. Banker. The story of Prince of Ayodhya rotates around Rama and the hardships he faces in life to protect the honour of his beliefs and the code of conduct he follows. The book involves the tale of love, friendship and betrayal which is very well portrayed in splendid sequences of intensified script.

For his splendid work, the author has received a lot of fair comments originating from the critics and the readers, who have thoroughly enjoyed the book. Just like every new edition in the Ramayana series, this edition also carries deliberate and minuscule alterations making the story a whole new saga for the new and intense generation of readers.

In the original epic of Ramayana, the prince had an affluent and peaceful life, until due to an internal plot he had to leave the nation for 14 long years, and that is when all his hardships began. But in this edition the villainous character, Ravana, plans to invade and destroy Ayodhya. Instead of leaving to the woods, as per the old script, Rama prepares to fight against Ravana to save his kingdom Ayodhya.

The author has implemented exceptional and intense writing, and brilliant story-telling skills that intrigue the readers keeping them hooked until the end of the story. So, enjoy this intense epic saga with the more new twists in the story.

Ashok K. Banker is an Indian historical novel writer. Some of his other famous works are bridge of Rama and Armies of Hanuman. You can order online the paperback edition published by Penguin India with the ISBN-10: 0143033336 and ISBN-13: 978-0143033332.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 28, 2005
Publisher Penguin India
Contributor(s) Ashok K. Banker
Binding Paperback
Page Count 552
ISBN 10 0143033336
ISBN 13 9780143033332
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