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Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister
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Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister[Kindle Edition]

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Language English
Contributor(s) Tabrik C
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Prisoner

India has a new Prime Minister. But is Siddhartha Tagore the product<br>of his genius or of his dangerous mind?<br>India is on edge, as a subversive internal revolt against the<br>Constitution, and the threat of Jehadi terror of an unthinkable level,<br>are looming on the horizon.<br>Ringing Shiva’s damaru in and out of Parliament, a sudden turn of<br>karma catapults outsider Siddhartha Tagore – a conflicted genius,<br>music maestro and prodigal son, with forceful views on China and<br>Pakistan – into national prominence as the head of the Opposition<br>Alliance and finally as the newly elected Prime Minister of a disturbed<br>nation. But buried secrets are being resurrected and threaten to<br>expose the past.<br>Twisted within the double helix of menacing politics and hidden lust,<br>Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister is a scorching account of Siddhartha<br>Tagore’s fascinating journey from Harvard to 7 Race Course Road.'
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 5, 2014
Publisher Hachette India
Contributor(s) Tabrik C
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 250
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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  A Journey From Someone Else To Shiva 2 March, 2014 On

    Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C: A Journey From Someone Else To Shiva

    Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is a debut launch by Tabrik C. There are 5 prominent areas that I would like to discuss about this book - Writer, Story, Writing Style, Cover, and Title.

    Writer & Writing Style: It doesn't seem to be debut novel from Tabrik C. There are three things that matter most in the writer - one, the basic knowledge on the subject on which he decides to write on; two, well done research on the subject so as to make it a winner; and last but not the least, power of imagination. In all three sections Tabrik deserves full marks. The gravity with which the subject has been handled is marvelous.

    Story: Fantastic story line and excellent amount of continuity maintained in the story throughout. The way story has been presented speaks loudly that writing is an art and every writer doesn't have the ability to carry it along with each and every word/ page of the book. Story is about Siddhartha Tagore and his tenure as Prime Minister of India during the period of merely 4 months - Jan 1st, 2017 to April 30th, 2017. But it is the life sketches of Siddhartha Tagore, Rubaya Jaykar Tagore, Karisma Jaykar, Kabir Jaykar, Gordon Thorburn, Gregory Templar, Rukmani Devi and many more. There is a character built prominently for each of the characters in mainstream of the story of Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister. Few of the characters will remain for long even after finishing the book and so is true about the story.

    There are 2 sections and total 79 chapters in the book. Each chapter is engrossing and intriguing. The story keeps taking you to background of 32 years back of Siddhartha Tagore when he landed in Harvard University for his degree in Classical Music in Mozart as major and Political Theory as minor. His roommate Gregory Templar is an orthodox guy who has an altogether different thinking style. Siddhartha meets twins Rubaya and Karisma there and also faces a flaw in his personality - bipolarity. An in depth talent in music, a rapid spark in energy at times leading him to some unnatural acts and falling in love with Rubaya were major that lead his life to a different direction.

    There is a lot more than this in the book. Some great characters like Siddhartha, Ruby, Karisma, Nobel prize winner Rukmani Devi (Head of D School of Economics, Delhi University) and Kabir. And on the other hand there is a superb suspense about Greg and Gordon.

    Overall it is the destiny that decides a lot in one's life. And it always has something unpredictable in its kitty.

    Cover: Intrinsic and Instinctive touch in the cover that connects well with the title and story line.

    Title: Title is something that forces you to think after you finish your read and probably then you come to know the exact meaning of the title. A single person becomes all the three in his lifetime Prisoner Jailor Primer Minister.

    There are few book that I would love to read again... and again...

    Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C is one of those book that has got a permanent place in my personal library.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  A political and psychological thriller 7 March, 2014 On
    Let me begin by introducing the author, as he might be new to many. Tabrik, as it is given in the inside cover is a political enthusiast, perfumer, and internet entrepreneur. He owns a post graduate degree in History from St. Stephen's College, Delhi where he was also the president of the student's union. His major interest lies in the observation and analysis of political personalities, and their subsequent influence in the destiny of the nation.
    True to his background we can call his first novel as a political thesis come to life. The future of India for the next two years is drawn with clarity and precision, and his suggestion of boycotting Chinese goods I find interesting though rather unrealistic. Alas! a superstar like Siddhartha Tagore might be able to persuade the Indian youth where I failed miserably with my friends.When they can't even leave this disposable Chinese pens which cost only two rupee in the market, what can replace the electronic goods???
    The protagonist, Siddhartha Tagore, is projected as India's savior who employs a kind of monarchy in the nation. He takes pledge in private without a cabinet which only later comes to existence to slow down his decisions. A single handed constitution as the author suggests will strengthen the nation and fasten the development, but placing the destiny of a vast, and diverse nation under the mercy of a man will suppress the marginalized voices and destroys the promises of stability that our democracy offers. A Prime Minister, who is born with a silver spoon in the mouth, educated abroad and keeps company with the so called elite class will ever be able to grasp the real India whose soul lies in the villages?
    As to the women in the story, I find their characters rather repellent. Rubaya is the muse of the 'Mozart man' who enjoys being a pilot and crashes her plane in this attempt to share the domain of men. Rukmani Devi, the Nobel laureate, wins the elections but makes a comic figure in her first appearance in the parliament, leaving her opponent Siddhartha to mesmerize the members. 7RCR yields to her only at the charismatic withdrawal of the musical genius.
    All in all its a true political thriller to which the element of music and the bipolar and bisexual hero add a special charm. A commendable achievement by the author from whom we can expect more.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  3.  Fascinating 13 April, 2014 On
    "Vote" for change has become the new motto of India with 2014 Lok Sabha elections going on, day starts with political discussions and goes on as such be it in office or in a restaurant. And the major question is looming "Who is going to be the next Prime Minister of India?", at India's make or break situation the release of this book is very legit and being a political enthusiast myself this book seems like a precise read this season.

    Cover : It looks quite engaging, a silhouette of mysterious man walking on a road that seems like never ending. Is that man good or evil, what are his intentions. is he what he appears to be, what are his secrets? So many question bombard the mind and this is how I felt during the course of this book so Good job on the cover.

    Storyline and Characters : I would like to start with one main statement, This is one daring book, hats off to the author Tabrik C. Siddhartha Tagore, the protagonist is new Prime Minister of India during the year 2017, he is a musical mestro, a classical lover (OH! He loves classical music, don't let your mind dwell 'there'), a prodigy genius bold person with many inner demons. We all have inner demons but Siddhartha's demons are far more conflicting, as Conflicting as India's situation when he is the PM.
    Dragons when threatened don't care. They spit fire. ~ PG. 172
    Siddhartha is an aristocrat from Calcutta by lineage and and a believer or good education. He is a Harvard graduate and an unusual person who plays symphonies in his mind. No wonder he was known as the "The Mopzart man", a quality that instantly made me like him, he is the combination of Tansen and Mozart, can anything be better?
    But that is not all, now when he is the PM, he got the chance the make that change he wanted to bring, with strong believes and Bold personality, he is dealing strikingly well with the raising issues of China and Pakistan that needs to be dealt with. But as always when someone in power starts to outshine everyone, others tends to bring them down, and in politics, no surprises there. As Siddhartha has a twisted past, it got a lot more murky. The side characters of the book Rubaya Jaykar Tagore, Karisma Jaykar, Kabir Jaykar, Gordon Thorburn, Gregory Templar, Rukmani Devi and many others kept the story on roll throughout.

    Writing : Is this really from a debut author, He has raised some serious bars for other authors. From the very beginning the writing is mesmerizing, yes like a music, like orchestra with striking right chords. It shows the author not only has command over the language and the scenario he created but also he had done his homework really well before penning down the story. Best part was 'reading between lines', yes it happened many times. The chapters are written almost alternatively between present and his past days of Harvard University, though it never broke the continuity as the chapters were well connected.

    Verdict : It was a musicale of an amazing story in my head, it was dark, it was enchanting, it was captivating and fluent. A Fascinating Musical political thriller that I really enjoyed.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  4. 1 of 2 people found this review helpful
     The crazy genius !! 5 March, 2014 On
    I assumed that the story will be about a guy who was a prisoner and then later became a Jailor and goes on to become the Prime minister of the country. The story line would have to be pretty interesting for that to happen.

    Instead, what I got was a very powerful and intense narration of the life a whiz-kid who suffers from a mental condition. No, he is not mad or retarded. He is just a genius with an unstable mind. You even wonder if his life events are by chance or by careful meticulous design !!

    Tabrik’s writing is very deep.. He has researched thoroughly while writing the book . He has brought out the intensity of the characters as well as the situations.

    The book has some intense and very complicated relationships and the author shocks the readers with the revelations and twists in the story.

    I will look forward to another book by the author. He has me hooked to his writing. I give Tabrik a new perfect rating. It was refreshing to read this book.

    And if you are still wondering what did the title of this review mean ... think of it as applicable to the protagonist of the story as well as the author !!!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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