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Probiker Full Finger Gloves for Bikers (Black)

Probiker Full Finger Gloves for Bikers (Black)

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Overview: Probiker Full Finger Gloves for Bikers (Black)

Environmental changes have changed the weather conditions to such an extent that it is affecting the health of people living under those conditions. Over the years there has been a shift in the temperature level throughout the world, the summers are extremely hot whereas the winters are terribly cold. Such shift in the temperature level has resulted in causing health issues such as skin rashes, allergies, asthma etc. People all over the world are using external methods to protect themselves from the side effects either by wearing a mask on their face, covering their body parts, applying creams and lotions etc. To cater the demand of people looking for better options especially the two wheelers who are exposed to such risks at the maximum level while driving; we are introducing the Motorcycle Riding Gloves by Pro-Biker.

Product Features

The Gloves are a great method to protect hands from pollution and other skin allergies they become exposed to while driving in different weather conditions. The well cushioned framed glove will protect the fingers and allow the movement of hand with convenience. It is made with a high graded quality of plastic and rubber; keeping the bacteria and other pollutant away from the exposed hands. It has finger joint and knuckle pad design to keep the hands safe against the hard structure of the bike handles. It has an excellent gripping and in fact it enhances the grip while driving more than the bare hands. A stylish looking hand gloves speaks a lot about the style and class of the person using it. The plastic and the rubber are used in the gloves to make it tough for the user and protect their hands even at the time of any bad happenings while driving.

Company's profile

Pro-Biker is a well known company in Motorbike accessories and has manufactured numerous products in this industry. It has received positive feedback for its product's unbeatable performance as well as quality; customer's loyalty is high as well as it has created a name for itself internationally. The company has full rights and certification for manufacturing safety products in the industry and has a great visibility in the market. It has been acknowledged for its great after sales experience within its customers in case of any defect or malfunctioning. Pro-Biker extend a limited warranty for its product for a limited duration.

Products Dimension

The product has been carefully designed to keep the safety and protection on priority. The dimensions set for the product is as per the market standard to fit in the hands of an adult with ease. They will be in a pair of red colour giving it a class and style for those who want to ride with a style. The price for the product gives it an edge over others in the industry. The price has been carefully set at a reasonable level to encourage the customers trying these for the first time. The colour is also carefully chosen with an addition of silver lining to make it attractive as well as catchy to the naked eye. The buyers need to be sure of the genuine product as many duplicate products are available in the market of cheap quality and lesser price. Other such products are may be with lesser price but the quality extended by Pro-biker is far better to ensure the safety of the drivers. It can be a presented as a gift for someone like you who is also safety as well as health conscious. In this price you may not find this deal anywhere else. So my dear friends don't waste your time in looking cheaper options as it is the matter of your own safety. So order online today as the stocks are limited and to avail the discount that we are offering you.

Features: Probiker Full Finger Gloves for Bikers (Black)

  • Finger joint guard and knuckle pad
  • Made from fiber and plastic
  • Features grip enhancer

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