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Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

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Language English
Contributor(s) Scott Millett
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

Millett had gathered enough popularity with his earlier book Professional Enterprise .NET to be encouraged enough to write Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns. From the word go, the book is good. The introduction to the S.O.L.I.D design principles is logically followed by introduction to design patterns. Covered in the book are GOF design patterns and enterprise application design patterns. The design patterns that you can find in the book are factory, template, Decorator, Strategy, façade, State, Chain of responsibility, Composite and Command. You can study messaging patterns like Request-response, Document Message, Reservation and Idempotent. Lay Loading, Query Object, Identity Map and unit of work are the topics covered in Enterprise patterns. Front Controller, Page Controller and Model-view-controller are to be found in User Interface Patterns. How to set up an operation with E-Commerce as the objective is covered in the third chapter. Download function is well organized. A serious web developer cannot do without this book.

The writer of 'Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns', Scott Millett, works as a London based enterprise software architect at an sports e-commerce company. He has extensive .NET experience. he has written on other related topics, including .NET NHibernate with ASP. and .NET Development with SCRUM as well a Silverlight. He is well known in the .NET community for helping others understand Domain Driven Design, Architecture, and Design Patterns. This book address these topics with great detail. While a ASP.NET user interface perspective is obviously present, he also offers a broader Professional .NET Design focus with patterns relevant for all.NET applications (below the upper UI layer) This book is also a great resource for WinForms and other SmartClient developers, as well as other software engineers. Pick it up from! com! (ISBN: 8126534168).

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 28, 2011
Publisher Wiley
Contributor(s) Scott Millett
Binding Paperback
Page Count 720
ISBN 10 8126534168
ISBN 13 9788126534166
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