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Professional Juicer - Ever Green - Heavy Duty

Professional Juicer - Ever Green - Heavy Duty

Brand Unknown
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Overview: Professional Juicer - Ever Green - Heavy Duty

In this highly technological age, if somebody told you that there is a highly efficient fruit juice and that it can run without electric power, you will think that somebody is joking. But in the case of The Professional Juicer - Ever Green - Heavy Duty, it is no joke. If you like to drink freshly extracted fruit juices at any time you like, going for a juice extractor is the only way. The Professional Juicer - Ever Green - Heavy Duty is essentially a manual model and that means it does not need electricity to operate it, as it needs only your bare hands for you to make batches of fruit juices that taste just great, while retaining all their nutrients.

Actually, this environmentally friendly fruit juice extractor uses a technology that comes from ages ago, something that has been well tried as well as tested over the years. In fact, you might even have seen this type of fruit juicer in several old shops that deal in fresh fruit juices. And in spite of the old technology used, this highly original device using low technology, can churn out juices of fruits optimally. Since juices are extracted from this versatile juice maker, naturally there will be a residue at the end of the process of juice making, and it is very dry in nature. This proves that the wastage ratio is far less as compared to the most modern juicers that work on the latest technology and run up an electricity bill at the end of it all.

In fact, the Professional Juicer - Ever Green - Heavy Duty can do a great job of juicing fruits, whether it is grapes, pineapples, pears, apples, oranges or any other fruit that you can think of. And this particular juicer is a better option than all the modern ones which are really suited for juicing vegetables. The Professional juicer has a jar made from polycarbonate that makes it durable and resists the occurrence of cracks. The all-plastic body makes it very easy to clean too. You can shop online for this product and we will have it delivered at your doorstep in no time.

Product Details
Brand Unknown
Warranty 12 Months Seller Warranty

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