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Project IGI II:Covert Strike (PC)

Project IGI II:Covert Strike (PC)

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Overview: Project IGI II

Those interested in stealth-based first person shooter games are most likely to enjoy Project IGI 2 Covert Strike available for their Windows computer systems. There are in all 19 missions in the game and the story in the Project IGI 2 Covert Strike PC game is presented via in-game movies. You have to step into the shoes of David Jones and make sure that you complete all objectives before accomplishing a mission. As it is a stealth-based game, it is necessary for you to not be straight-forward and adopt stealthy methods in the Project IGI 2 PC game. These types of movements increase your chances of survival and even help you get a better ranking in the game. You also get to determine the difficulty level for the mission you choose to play.

In the Project IGI 2 Covert Strike game, a faction of Russian mafia steals EMP chips from a high-tech facility in the US. The former British SAS operator, David Jones, an agent at the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence is sent on a mission to the Carpathian mountains in order to retrieve those chips. On the other hand, Chinese General Wu Xing is organizing robberies to acquire the EMP chips. He has launch controls over a space rocket and wishes to install this EMP weapons on his rocket. Although David manages to recover half of the EMP chips from the Russian mafia, he is betrayed by his colleagues. Now it remains to be seen if David can locate those colleagues and take the chips back to the US or not. Play the Project IGI 2 game to find out what happens further.

Features: Project IGI II

  • 100% realistic fire-rates measured in rounds per minute - experience incredible fire power with weapons like the G36 Assault Rifle at 750 rounds per minute
  • Hit damage is calculated via muzzle velocity and bullet calibre, as in real life
  • Realistic and playable cumulative inventory system - the player's ability to move is affected by what they are carrying and what weapon they are holding
  • D.A.R.T.S - the Dynamically Adjusted Reactive Targeting System
  • Unsurpassed game special effects, created using real-world gun samples, include realistic muzzle flashes, gun smoke and ejected bullet casings.

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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     A realistic shooting game (PC) 7 February, 2014 On
    This a shooting game in which you are a given a character (Joe) as a soldier of Army.
    You have to control the character and complete the objectives given to you.
    Each mission is inter related to each other that makes up a story which is really nice.
    I prefer this game a lot becase of a large collection of weapons and tools.
    A lot of graphics is used in the game which makes it feel like real.

    >> Positives :-
    • The game builds up your confidence.
    • Nice Graphical Interface.
    • Runs even at a low configuration.
    • Large collection of objectives.
    • Large collection of weapons and tools.
    • Smooth character control.

    >> Negatives :-
    • Unusual behaviour of the enemies in the game.
    • Puts a bad moral on children at lower age.

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