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SG Prolite II (Blue / Orange) Cricket Shoes

SG Prolite II (Blue / Orange) Cricket Shoes

Brand Unknown
Colour Blue
Size 6
Material EVA
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Overview: Unknown Blue Shoes

For a cricket match it is important to choose the right equipments such as clothing, shoes, and protective gear. These are vital to the game and the player. It is important to choose cricket gear that not only suits your needs but helps you to feel comfortable on the pitch. A pair of shoe is the most important part of the equipment for all games. It allows you to perform at the top of your game. SG Prolite II (Blue / Orange) Cricket Shoes will be just the right choice for you while preparing for a crucial match. This pair of shoes of SG Prolite will be a snug fit and give you support at the ankle and at the bottom of the feet. It has beautiful design and looks but at the same time provides comfort. When you buy cricket shoes online it will come to you directly. The contents are packed carefully to prevent any damage.

Product specifications

Footwear is entirely a personal choice, not just to cover up your feet but it also decides how you walk, run and play. Cricketers can win or lose a game with the kind of support they receive by their shoes. This pair will provide you with strong pronation that means it will allow your feet to roll inward as you run or walk. It will support the lower portion of the body and help in equally distributing the shock. This pair will provide the best cushioning in the right areas of the shoe. These features lessen the chances of injury and provide the right amount of flexibility. The curved tips make sure you have enough space in your shoe to wiggle your toes a bit. The spikes will give extra grip while you are running or batting. Key Highlight:

Blue and Orange makes an attractive colour combination.

Sturdy spikes provide right traction.

Comfortable pair with snug fit.

Maintenance, Care and Longevity

Maintenance of your cricket shoes properly ensures that you get the best out of them both in terms of performance and longevity. You should remove dirt and grass from the soles after every game. Untying and loosening the laces before removing your cricket shoes is a good habit as not doing so will over time reduce the grip and support offered. It is recommended that you dry your shoes completely after every wear. Make sure you do not keep them exposed to direct sunlight for long hours. Let it dry completely after every match. Once the shoes are dry it becomes easy to remove dirt. Remove the mud cakes with the help of a brush from the outer surfaces and spikes. For storage keep them in a breathable shoe-bag. Make sure you do not use a plastic bag to wrap your shoes. Plastic traps moisture and cause damage. Shop cricket shoes online these are light and breathable and with a tight and secure fit this pair will ensure that there is no slippage.

Product Details
Manufacturer SG
Brand Unknown
Colour Blue
Size 6
Material EVA

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