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Provogue Cardinal Men's Blue Jeans
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Provogue Cardinal Men's Blue Jeans

Brand Provogue
Material Cotton
Colour Blue
Size 32
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Overview: Provogue Cardinal Men's Blue Jeans

Shopping for jeans is certainly one of the retail experiences that men do enjoy. They mostly end up sticking to tried-and-tested men's denim styles, not trusting something new. However, there are lot of things to ponder upon, before you get your hands on the most appealing pair of denims you could find. Would you like to stick with classic fits or explore the world of ripped denim, tapered leg openings and bell-bottomed looks? If you're a little hesitant about the looks, it would be better to find timeless washes and go with brands you can trust.

The 'Provogue Cardinal Men's Blue Jeans' will do wonderfully well as they can be worn to just about any event. This classic jean is sure to fit every body type exceedingly well and will give you the biggest bang for your denim buck.

Comfortable Fit

The right fit really matters, as you don't want to be stuck with out of shape jeans or ones that have an uneven fit, making you feel uneasy. Confidence and style comes from being happy with what you wear and knowing that you wear it well. If you wish to achieve the same, then you should stick to what you know and go ahead with Provogue for your everyday jeans. They are a great choice as they help you maintain your style and let you ooze confidence at the same time.

Fits All Occasions

The 'Provogue Cardinal Men's Blue Jeans' work well as casual wear and can be worn with a blazer or a biker jacket for that edgy look. You can head off camping in one of these men's blue jeans or wear them to a night out with friends. These denims can be worn by you while you're home, on your couch watching a football match with your friends. They always manage to make you look good and confident with barely any effort at all.

Accessories to Go With It

You can make subtle changes to the outfit whenever you sport these denims, in order to look smart and trendy wherever you may go. When it comes to men's denim, a casual white T-shirt is the perfect accompaniment. You can add a baseball cap to the look along with a pair of dark sunglasses and look like a celebrity shying away from the paparazzi. Casual flip-flops or floaters go well with such an outfit, although you can sport a pair of sneakers with this ensemble as well. If you want to spark up the denim, you can wear a sexy black formal shirt along with formal shoes and sport an Analog watch with a sleek dial.

Pulling your hair back with styling gel can make you look sleek and add a lot of sex appeal to your ensemble. If you're feeling adventurous, you can add a biker jacket to the combo or even sport a chain wristband.

Product Details
Manufacturer Provogue
Brand Provogue
Model Number 1224
Material Cotton
Colour Blue
Size 32
Occasion Lifestyle casual
Style slim

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