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Puma Men's Cotton Stripper Sweater, Navy
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Puma Men's Cotton Stripper Sweater, Navy

Brand Puma
Material Cotton
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Overview: Puma Men's Cotton Stripper Sweater, Navy

Fashion is the new language that everyone is aware of, a language that speaks to millions, a language that breaks through the different barrier of creed, language, caste, colour. It has managed to speak billions of words without uttering a letter, it speaks through its visuals, it screams through its appearance, it attracts attention and it imparts talent. Fashion is rare to get, it is that one in a billion idea that comes through and is demonstrated to the world. Fashion with quality and standard is really hard to come across, that is exactly what Puma brings to the field with the Puma Men's Sweater.

Get cosy and get indulged with the trend that has swept thousands off their feet, the Sweater comes in an X-Large size. It feels warm for the person it fits, at the same time it feels trendy for the person for whom it doesn't. Fashion and comfort brought to you in a perfect combination with the use of cotton. A sweater that syncs with any look, from a formal to a casual party look, it fits well anywhere, anytime. Flamboyancy is one of its main features that set it apart from the rest in its even playing field. With all these assets, it appears to be difficult in maintenance, but appearance can deceive. Easy to wash and easy to maintain, is one of the most attractive features of this sweater. Give yourself a sports look while going to a field, or a professional look with a formal pant, at the same time attend a party with just a simple change in attire. Look great anywhere and at the same time feel comfortable. A sweater that keeps you warm, a sweater that keeps you comfy, what more can one ask for?

Nothing needs to be said more, the name Puma and with the symbol riding on its label, it makes the sweater all the more desirable.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 83077601XL
Brand Puma
Material Cotton

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