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Pure Silver Coin of 1 Grams of 999 purity

Pure Silver Coin of 1 Grams of 999 purity

Material sterling-silver
Brand No
Colour Silver
Metal Type Silver
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Overview: Pure Silver Coin of 1 Grams of 999 purity

Gold and silver coins are always considered as auspicious gifts on most traditional ceremonies and festivals. If you are looking for one, then you can consider the 1 Gram Pure Silver Coin of 999 Purity rightaway.


The round coin shaped bar is silver in colour and comes with 999 purity. This pure silver coin weighs around 1gm. On the front side, you will find the image of  image of standing Laxmi Goddess and on the reverse side there is an image of a Mangal Kalash. The coin has a diameter of 1.7cm. It is packed in a poly bag that makes it easier to gift.

Key highlights

The coin weighs around 1gm and is 999 pure.

It is an ideal gifting option on any auspicious occasion.

It is easy to liquidate and raises instant cash during those unpredictable phases of your life.

The silver coin is 100% genuine and comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

Different occasions of gifting silver coins

Silver is usually gifted on special auspicious occasions like on the birth of a baby, anniversaries, weddings, housewarming, birthdays of your little one and many such occasions. Since the price of gold is comparatively higher, you can easily consider gifting a silver coin on such auspicious occasions. The reason behind is that the design of jewellery you are thinking to gift may not be preferred by the person. Sometimes in wealthy families, gold and silver coins are also used in the form of return gifts.

Silver coin is a smart form of investment

Looking at today's economic condition, investing in valuable metals like gold and silver is considered as one of the best options. Most investors believe that silver coins are a better form of investment than bonds, currency, stocks etc. Silver is one of the most valuable assets that maintains a consistent significance and a steady value for years. They don't tarnish and their esteem also remains intact for many years. So investing in silver coins is considered wise as you can acquire them in smaller amounts. Before purchasing the coins, you must check the real weight of the coin. So, shop this 1 Gram Pure Silver Coin of 999 Purity from the online store today.

What determines the price of silver?

Price of silver is dependent on a lot of factors some of which are:

The first reason is the price movements of other commodities in combination with the global demand.

Banking activities like money printing or purchase and sale of silver.

Physical demand and supply of silver jewellery in the market.

Keep your silver coin safe

Storing silver coins is very convenient because of their small size. Many investors prefer to store silver coins at home, in some secret place. Actually one of the safest places to store your silver coin is in a safety locker at a bank. The advantage of bank vaults is they are constructed in such a way that they keep criminals and fire out. But you need to pay an annual rent for the locker. You can also store it at home in an electronic safe which is a better option than concealing it inside your stack of clothes. If you purchase a safe, there will be no recurring annual fee that you need to pay.

So 1 gm Pure Silver Coin online today which you can easily gift your friend or family on their specail occasion.

Product Details
Material sterling-silver
Brand No
Colour Silver
Metal Type Silver

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