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Pure Vegetarian Cookbook

Pure Vegetarian Cookbook

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Language English
Contributor(s) Prema Srinivasan
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Pure Vegetarian Cookbook

Heralded by some as the healthier choice in cooking, Vegetarian cuisine sure has its variety of dishes. The book, Pure Vegetarian Cookbook, offers recipes for various south Indian dishes made in a completely vegetarian style. The book proves that south Indian cuisine is not only limited to idlis, vadas and dosas. Author Prema Srinivasan takes the reader through the multitude of dishes that originate from the south but are not widely known. Ranging from seasonal dishes right up to daily staple food of south-Indians, this book consists of over 100 recipes, enough to keep any cook busy in the kitchen, concocting something zesty and delightful.

Mostly pertaining to the food of Tamil Nadu region of India, this book highlights not only the culinary aspect of cooking but also the cultural and historical origins and significances of different dishes. The reader of this book needs not limit his/her knowledge to just the food as it provides information about the traditions and rituals revolving the diet of the people in Tamil Nadu. The book makes for a complete and satisfying read to any reader dishing out information in all aspects.

Prema Srinivasan is an Indian author who holds a Ph.D. in Children's literature in English. Among her works, she has written books such as Trends and Motifs and Treasure Hunters. She is also credited with the task of translating many popular international books into the Tamil Language and regularly contributes to The Hindu. This edition of Pure Vegetarian Cookbook is available in paperback. It has been published by Westland and has an ISBN-10 number of 9382618864, with an ISBN-13 number of 9789382618867. So go on and order it online today to add this cookbook as a prized collection in your kitchen. You and your family are sure to enjoy the lip-smacking delights enlisted in this amazing book.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 15, 2013
Publisher Westland
Contributor(s) Prema Srinivasan
Binding Paperback
Edition 2013
Page Count 328
ISBN 10 9382618864
ISBN 13 9789382618867
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