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Pureit Compact Water Purifier-Royal Blue

Pureit Compact Water Purifier-Royal Blue

Colour Blue
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Overview: Pureit Compact Water Purifier-Royal Blue

There is no assurance on the quality of water that we receive in our houses through taps, and even boiling water, and electric water purifiers have their expenses. So what is the solution for getting safe and hygienic drinking water? The reply to this query has been answered by Hindustan Unilever with the introduction of the Pureit Classic Water Purifier. This Pureit water purifier has a large storage space of 23 litres which is more than sufficient for the average drinking water requirements of a family of four members.

Eliminate Virus and Germs

The Pureit Classic Water Purifier is capable of eliminating up to 1 crore virus in a 1 litre of water. The germ killing proficiency of Pureit is what makes it one of India's leading water purifiers available in the market. The unique Multi-Stage Purification system of Pureit conducts multiple stages of water purification, and uses a Germkill Technology to get rid of all harmful viruses and bacteria present in your water.

Store up to 23 Litres of Water

The Pureit Classic has a large water storing capacity of up to 23 litres and should be sufficient for the daily drinking water purpose of an average family size of four. There is a high possibility sometimes that the water you use for drinking may have been exposed to harmful pesticides. An Activated Carbon Trap is embodied inside the Pureit so that any pesticide content if present is extinguished. The carbon trap also purifies your water of any undesirable odour that might be worrying you.

Smart and Economical Design

Hindustan Unilever understood how expensive and resource-consuming are the practices of boiling water, and the use of electric water purifiers. Hindustan Unilever, therefore, designed the Pureit in such a fashion that it is void to the requirement of gas or electricity for purification. Instead, innovative technologies and systems are installed in the Pureit that efficiently and economically purify water. The plastic body of Pureit ensures that it the machine is durable enough to sustain a long time stay at your home.

Easy and Convenient Maintenance

Since the Pureit water purifier is oblivious to the use of gas or electricity; you need not worry much about its maintenance either. All you need to do is a keep a check on the Germ kill indicator that will warn you in advance so that you can timely change the Germ kill Kit. The tap of this water purifier is break-resistant and has been tested up to 50,000 times for a quality check.

Hindustan Unilever is one India's most trusted fast moving consumer goods brand and its products stand out on the quality and price scale. The Pureit Classic also bears the same brand trust that will make sure only clean and purified water reaches you and your family. Many quality checks are conducted on this purifier before it is introduced to the consumer. This purifier is economical considering that it does not require any gas or electricity for its operation. If you are looking to buy the compact sized Pureit Classic Water Purifier, then the most convenient way of doing so is by ordering it online. The product will be delivered directly at your address.

Product Features

Large 23 litres storage capacity

Multi Stage Purification through Germkill Technology

Break resistant tap with "Auto Shut Off" system for safety system

Doesn't need gas or electricity for purification

Eliminates up to 1 crore virus in 1 litre of water

Features: Pureit Compact Water Purifier-Royal Blue

  • Meets the stringent Germkill standard of US EPA
  • Patented 4-stage Purification Technology
  • "Auto Shut-off"safety system
  • Does not require a tap connection
  • Works without electricity
Product Details
Colour Name Royal Blue
Colour Blue
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2.4 kg
Product Dimensions 49 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm

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     Normal product 26 April, 2013 On
    We bought this product and it works good. But the thing which i hate is the filters to change on a routine basis the refill pack is not available in stores and we get the refill filter after 3/4 days after we place the order. other than the replacing filter part the machine is good for commercial purpose :)
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  2.  Pure! 27 January, 2014 On
    Great value for money product for good health. Good Product easy to assemble and also very Durable. This purifier working good and the water also tastes good. Overall great product based on it's price. It's been over 4 years we have been using this and till date there are no issues with it. The reminder of battery life still works and is very accurate.
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