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Puritan's Pride 2 Pack of Raspberry Ketones 100 mg 120-Rapid Release Capsules

Puritan's Pride 2 Pack of Raspberry Ketones 100 mg 120-Rapid Release Capsules

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Product Description

If you are looking for a product which helps your reduce your weight faster and with less effort, we bring to you a product which ensures rapid weight reduction. Weight reduction takes a longer time when tried with a formula which is diluted and mot strong enough to burn the fat contents rapidly. We provide you with the unique synergistic formula enriched Puritan's Pride 2 Pack of Raspberry Ketones 100 mg Rapid Release Capsules, which comes as a pack of 120 capsules to provide your body with rapid results and help in reducing weight faster.

In today's world where most people are busy in a mechanical work life, do not have the time to go for long workout sessions. In such cases, a dietary supplement always works the best. Keeping this in mind we bring to you this product which makes sure to provide you with a healthy figure in no time. When coupled with a daily routine of exercise, the product can help you shed those extra kilograms with ease. Enriched with the amazing qualities of green tea, this product helps in increasing the metabolism of your body, which helps in producing energy from the stored calories and fat contents. Increased metabolism also helps in quicker breakdown of calories which in turn reduces the settlement of fats in your body.

The product contains 80mg of polyphenols comprising of 70mg of catechins which provide 35mg of EGCG as well as 8mg of caffeine. This not only helps in reducing weight but also helps to improve your immune system. It also helps in reducing the hunger drive in your body and also reduces the craving for sweets. If you are someone who is looking for a dietary supplement which can not only help reduce your weight but also provide you with protection from a number of diseases, this is a perfect choice. You can shop online for this amazing product available only at Junglee. Lay your hands on the most interesting prices offered to you by a range of sellers listed with us.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 51506
Brand Puritan's Pride
Item Package Quantity 2

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