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Naturally Organic - Vermi Composter

Naturally Organic - Vermi Composter

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Product Description

The Vermicomposter is a multi-tray worm composter that helps manage the composting process. Fill each stacking tray with kitchen scraps such as newspaper, junk mail, vegetables, fruits, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper, and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Sorting out the undigested scraps can be a messy, inconvenient chore with ordinary vermicomposters. Worms start in the bottom tray and migrate upward as they break down the waste. This allows worms to separate themselves from the finished compost making it easy to add nutrient-rich fertilizer to plants and gardens without sorting worms.

Product Features

  • Built in "Vermicast" collector tray and spigot for easy draining.
  • Year Round Production and Odor Free Operation
  • Recycles kitchen waste and junk mail into compost
  • Use indoors during winter and outdoors in summer
  • Easy seperatble trays for extraction of fully formed compost.
Product Details
Manufacturer Naturally Organic LLP
Manufacturer Part Number GT0004
Brand Purna Organics
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  What is the size of ehe said Vermicomposter 12 February, 2015 On
    In addition the as asked above other properties of the product are also required. How much house hold garbage it can sustain?We want to set up a Vermicomposter which can handle household garbage of 50 families.
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