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The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Amistad

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Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Heart touching tale that makes you tough in life. 25 June, 2014 On
    YES this is HAPPYNESS not “I” but “Y”. This is the way it is spelled. The Pursuit of Happyness brings forth the story of a salesman who does his best against all odds. When we say pursuit of happiness that means that happiness is something that can be pursued and that is all about “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”. It is all about pursuing happiness. This is based on the real story of Chris Gardner.

    The screenplay is immaculate and direction is exquisitely impeccable where you see the subtlest of the expression. The movies take you to its world where everything seems to be reality. You can empathize with the characters. The camera work is amazingly excellent and it makes the plot more realistic and appealing. Needless to mention the acting of Will Smith who is the protagonist playing the part of Chris Gardner. The limelight of the movies is the Christopher Chris’s son who is Will’s real life son who has done surprisingly fantastic acting and he grabs the attention of the audience breathtakingly.

    The story is very simple Chris is a salesman who is trying hard to meet the both ends and at the same time he also wants to set an example for his son. Despite of so exasperating circumstances and exacerbating events happening in his life, he maintains the calm and perseveres through the difficult time. Everything seems to be against us. He has to sell at least two medical bone scanner so that he might earn money to run his family. But now that becomes difficult to do that. His wife is frustrated and do not stand by him and leaves him. One day while selling scanner he got to meet a stock broker wherein a will to become a stock broker creeps in his mind as he finds that lucrative and feels that it will relieve him from all his sorrows and penury. He applies for the internship and he is selected for the same. He has to leave his house m he is arrested because of not paying parking tickets and just after that he appears for the interview and ironically he does well.

    After completing internship of six months he is offered job in the company and he feels ecstatic happiness. That’s beautiful end of the beautiful movies.

    Though the story may seem to be pedestrian but the way it has been presented creates an everlasting impression on your heart. Some scenes are really touching like sleeping in the lavatory for the whole night with his son. He had tears in his eyes but he couldn’t help it. In the most adverse circumstances he does not succumb to any wrong and devious temptation and he tries to be a role model for his son. In once scene he tells his son that that scanner is a time machine as Christopher heard it from the bagger, and with that they travel to the dinosaur era, that scene is really an exquisite work of imagination which can only be emanated from a very creative and innovative mind and the way both he father and son acted is marvelously brilliant.

    This teaches lot many things in life, No matter how hard the time is , no matter everything is against you, no matter whole hopes cease to exist, perseverance, optimism, confidence, determination can bring you to the height of success, it can take you our from any musty mess.

    Chris Works Hard, he does not loose hope, he practices honesty, exude integrity eventually ends up pursuing happiness. The pursuit of happiness, he learns how to pursue happiness and now he is not surprise when he see people around him happy because he has known the secret to be happy, HE HAS PURSUED THE HAPPYNESS.
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