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Pyle Home PT649D Dual Cassette Deck

Pyle Home PT649D Dual Cassette Deck

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Product Description

Music is an inseparable part of our lives. There is music all around us and it is this innate relationship that we share with music that makes us seek it in everything we do. There are so many people that you will see with headphones plugged into their ears even when they are working or travelling or simply relaxing. This love for music among people has led to the rise of several popular music companies all around the globe. These music companies have launched several products that can help you enjoy music better. In the earlier days, music cassettes were very popular. These days CDs and digital files rule the roost. If you are someone who has preserved audio cassettes and would want to listen to them, here is a product that can help you listen to your old songs easily.

The Pyle Home Dual Cassette Deck is an interesting product that can help you listen to all your favourite old songs. This product functions just like the old taperecorders that most people owned. This product has an auto stop, recording level control, digital link interface for connecting to PT600A. You can enjoy normal and high speed dubbing on this device. It has a dual colour multifunction fluorescent display. You can also easily mount it on your wall as it comes with rack mounting hardware included. This will help you save space and you needn't create extra space for this device in your home. The product has a CrO2 tape selector, an auto tape selector, a 3 digit tape countrer, RCA line inputs and outputs, auto stop function etc. This product is extremely functional and can make music more enjoyable for you. Priced affordably, this product can easily be bought online. It is easy to use and is a must have for every music lover.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Pyle, which was founded in the 1960s. The company started out as a manufacturer of high quality woofers. Later it diversified its products and started manufacturing car audio, home audio, marine audio, professional audio systems and musical instruments.

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Product Features

  • Normal & high-speed audio cassette dubbing, Dynamic noise reduction
  • 3-digit tape counter, Recording level control
  • Dual color multifunction fluorescent display, Record/play level meter
  • Auto Stop - Recording Level Control - Digital Link Interface for Connecting to PT600A
  • Normal and High Speed Dubbing - Dual Color Multifunction Fluorescent Display - Rack Mounting Hardware Included
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction - Rec/Play Level Meters - 110V/220V Switchable
  • CrO2 Tape Selector - Auto tape Selector - Dimensions: 16.53''W x 5.11''H x 8.66''D
  • 3 Digit Tape Counter - RCA Line Inputs and Outputs
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 9.9 kg
Product Dimensions 24.6 cm x 12.7 cm x 36.1 cm

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