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Pyle PVA2 60 Watts Hi-Fi Mini Stereo Amplifier

Pyle PVA2 60 Watts Hi-Fi Mini Stereo Amplifier

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Product Description

Light up your mood while you are in your office or on an excursion with your family by installing this Pyle Home 60W Mini Stereo Amplifier brought to you by Pyle Home. Install this amplifier in your home and enjoy the crystal clear sound that is produced by the speakers via this amplifier. Get hold of this Pyle Home amplifier and transfer the musical environment inside your office or in your house. The sleek design and the ergonomic feature of this mini stereo amplifier is the unique selling proposition of this product.

Appearance and Design

This stunning amplifier is very light-weighted and therefore you can easily install it in anywhere all by yourself. The dimension of this device is 3.3 x 9.8 x 9.1 inches and weighs 2.78 kgs. It is completely black in colour that produces a classy effect and therefore would be a cynosure of all eyes! The buttons and knobs present on this device for your convenience are volume knob, balance knob, bass knob, treble knob, modes knob of DVD, VCD / CD, Tape knob and Karaoke knob. The amplifier also features Echo knob, Mic 1 volume knob and Mic 2 volume knob. The power button is displayed at the middle of the amplifier. You will also be able to find one digital display with an LED indicator to let you know the activation of the system. The back panel includes two ports each of DVD, VCD / CD, Tape and VCD / DVD. The audio output feature of this machine is also featured at the back panel.


Listen to high definition music via this car stereo system to experience sound of the highest quality. The perfect combination of bass and treble that you have been looking for all this while has finally arrived. Redefine your musical senses with the quality of sound that this mini stereo amplifier will provide you with. The technical specifications of this system will ensure that the overall sound has a rich sense of presence, making movie effect sounds more realistic. The bass reflex port contributes to deeper, richer bass.

The power output is of 2 x 12w (8 Ohm, RMS) and 2 x 24w (4 Ohms RMS). It can obtain a maximum output of 60w. The microphone inputs will let you connect up to two microphones into this amplifier and therefore it can be used in any small ceremony or at a party. The power voltage of this machine is 110v. The frequency range of this device is 20 to 20khz. The input sensitivity or the impedance of this stereo amplifier is 265mv / 1 khz. The S / N ratio is 77 db while the input sensitivity of microphone is 8mv. This amplifier has a THD of 0.3 percent.


Frequently disconnecting your stereo will eventually cause your connectors to decline performance-wise. It is recommended that you regularly wipe the connectors with a cloth with a drop of alcohol upon it. Do this very softly and you should not damage the connectors. Maintaining your Pyle Home amplifier is vital to keep your stereo in working order and enhancing its lifespan. Always look in the manual before you complete any maintenance. Always place your amplifier in a well ventilated area to dissipate heat, with at least 6 inches clearance above and 4 inches on the sides. Always place on a sturdy stand designed to handle at least twice the weight of the product and is located where children or pets cannot cause the product to fall. Never place your amplifier on a carpeted floor. Never place other equipment above or below the machine. All electronic equipments are recommended not to be used near water or damp locations. Using outside is not recommended unless you have a licensed electrician provide a properly grounded circuit and you have an enclosure to protect the amp from the elements. If your speakers are rated 8 ohm or greater, connect to the 8 ohm connectors on the back of the amp. If your speakers are rated 4 ohm, connect to the 4 ohm connectors.

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Product Features

  • Power Output: 2 x 12w (8 Ohm, RMS)
  • Power Output: 2 x 24w (4 Ohms RMS)
  • Power Output: 60w Max Peak
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2.7 kg
Product Dimensions 26.9 cm x 13.7 cm x 28.7 cm

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