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Qshop Water Resistant-Double Bed Size Mattress Cover - 72X72X5 Inches

Qshop Water Resistant-Double Bed Size Mattress Cover - 72X72X5 Inches

Brand Qshop
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Overview: Qshop Water Resistant-Double Bed Size Mattress Cover - 72X72X5 Inches

If you have recently purchased a mattress for your double bed and want to protect the mattress from water or stains, then check out this Qshop mattress cover. The special thing about this mattress cover is that, it will keep your old as well as the new double bed mattress protected from various damages. The water resistant featutre of this double bed mattress cover will not give any type of irritation or uncomfortable feel. The smart design of this mattress cover envelops the mattress properly and ensures that you can use the mattress for years.

About the Brand

This unique mattress cover has been designed by Qshop. Till date, this brand is known for manufacturing a wide range of high quality home care products for their users. This time, they have come up with this unique solution to improve your living. If you are extremely particular about the meaintenance of all your household products, then this mattress cover is the right one for you.

Materiala and Design

This stylish and useful double bed mattress cover has bene designed from high quality material. The designers have selected the material in such way which will extend the life of the mattress. Its strong protection latyer against the water and dust will keep the fibre of the mattress protected from damage. Whether you are living in a cold region where snowfall is common or in any coastal area, your mattress wil remain unaltered for yers. As a mattress is one of the essential thing to make your resting time more special, it is quite an important task to protect it from any damage. The use of high quality Non Woven Laminated Special Fabric makes it water resistant and long lasting. This beautiful blend of style and quality makes this mattress a must have for every  user.

The latest technology of this mattress cover will envelop every corner of the mattress properly. The use of premium quality material allows to use this mattress cover comfortably. Whether you are sleeping or sitting on the mattress, you will not feel uncomfortable. If you want to use a stylish bed cover, you can use this easily on this mattress cover. The simple and user friendly design lets the user cover the mattress easily. This mattress cover measures around 72 x 72 x 5 Inches. The compact and smart design of the mattress helps it to fit with the mattress properly. Along with this, the long lasting material of this product enables the user to use it for years. The zippered closure feature makes it easy to use. Along with this, the elegant beige shade of the mattress cover enhances the overall look of it.


This smart mattress cover can be used to cover your double bed mattress. If you want to protect the mattress from water or dust, then this mattress is the ideal one for you. If you are paiting your home and want to keep your mattress protected from various stains or moisture, then use this mattress cover. Being light in weight, this mattress cover will not add any extra weight to the mattress. If you are relocating to a new city and need to carry the mattress and protect it from dust and stains while carrying it, then you can use this for covereing the double bed mattress.

How to maintain

To use this non woven laminated special mattress cover, you need to wipe it with a wet cotton cloth. As the mattress cover is water resistant, it will not be affected by water. To protect this mattress cover for years, you need keep sharp objects away from this mattress. To protect it from dust and damages, you can use a stylish bed sheet on it. If you want to get this high quality mattress, you can buy Qshop double bed mattress cover online and get it delivered from the comforts of your home.

Special Features

This mattress measures around 72X72X5 Inches

It fits with dieffrent types of double sized beds

The mattress is Beige in colour

The mattress has been designed from Non Woven Laminated Special Fabric

This mtress is waterproof

The mattress comes with zippered construction

It will cover the double bed mattress properly

Light in weight, user friendly and long lasting

Product Details
Brand Qshop

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