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All In One Top Quality Basic Tattoo Machine Kit Box by Tattoo Machine India
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All In One Top Quality Basic Tattoo Machine Kit Box by Tattoo Machine India

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All In One Top Quality Basic Tattoo Machine Kit Box by Tattoo Machine India

The complete Basic Tattoo Machine Kit by Tattoo Machine India has the topmost quality items in it and is being cited all in one box. It sets to help you in making and creating different type of tattoos of your own choice with quite ease and in a trouble-free manner. From symbols portraying cultural images to designing the fonts and words, you can simply carry out it everything with the help of this special kit. And thus buy this brand new high standard quality tattoo machine kit, which comes as a package in high standard quality carrying case with keys. Meanwhile, it's also a very compacted for an easy storage.

While we're on the subject, all the tools you want to carry out for a professional tattooing is right here! The complete Tattoo Kit is being fitted in the black coloured carrying case that comes in the company of a lock and pair of keys to preserve the kit. On the other hand, the kit is being provided by means of a high voltage power supply system and that too of a very good quality and feature. Different cables for the power supply system are there to meet up the different requirements of consumers. However, with the purpose of doing a tattoo, the needles provided in the kit must be first sterilized. As a result, all the tattoo needles are being E.O. Gas sterilized. The company is using about 45 copper threads string silicone lined tattoo gun power cord that gives an exceptionally good conductivity and flexibility.

This Professional Basic Tattoo Machine Kit comprises a range of tools and apparatus in it. Paraphernalia such as Professional High Quality Liner Machine, Professional Top Quality Shader Machine, a very good popular 10 Layer Warp Coils Tattoo Machine Gun, Foot Switch, Digital LED Power Supply, Clip Cord, Assorted Tattoo Needles of about 20 pieces that is made up in USA, Basic Ink Cup try, 1/2oz. Red Ink, 1/2oz. Black Ink, about 50 pieces of Ink Cups, 2pcs for Tracing Stencil Paper, 1 piece of Tattoo Grip, 2 pieces of Tattoo Tips, 50 pieces of Disposable Tip, 1 Back Pipe, 1 Design DVD, 4 pieces of Latex Gloves, 2 pieces of A&D Pouch that is made up in USA, 5 pieces of O ring, 5 pieces of Rubber Nipple, 5 pieces of Grommets, 2 pieces of L Keys, 2 pieces of Practice Skin. All this apparatus and tools come in one set and in one box.

The Basic Tattoo Machine Kit also offers a readable manual that depicts the function and usage of each and every tool in detail that is being placed inside the kit. One should take care before using the kit and its apparatus, and should strictly follow the same. In addition, learning how to carry out a tattoo is now quite easy with the superior's new-fangled tattoo DVD guide that comes in detail with 15000 Designs and about 3 Hour of DVD tutorials. From start to finish, it shows us the process of carrying out a tattoo and also the secrets of doing a business out of it. And therefore, it's a one and only kind of opportunity for having that extra cash and forming a new career.

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Well then shape up your own future, as you could be just making quite a good amount of cash today. What are you waiting for? Go on and grab your personal kit here at brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

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