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Quechua SYMBIUM 7012 Blue

Quechua SYMBIUM 7012 Blue

Model Number 1334643
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Overview: Quechua Symbium 7012 Blue

About the product:

Are you an explorer? Or do you love to hike and trek? Well in that case this backpack will surely help you travel lighter. The blue travel bag from the well-known brand Quechua is just the answer to your all packing woes. The deep blue color with little dash of bright green goes with your vibrant spirit of travelling. So don't just travel lighter, travel stylishly as well! The huge volume capacity of 80 liters make sure that you can pack all your stuff and are good to go with nothing but one baggage with you.

Store your clothes, shoes, music player, books, sleeping bag and all that you can think of in this one rucksack. Travel lighter so that you enjoy more and worry less for your belongings. The product is made of polyester which ensures it's durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions as well. The rucksack has multiple compartments that give you unlimited segregated space to store your belongings. A hood sort of covering on the top is designed to prevent any water seepage inside the bag in case you are travelling in rain. Besides this the padded shoulder slings make sure that you carry your backpack with ease without straining your muscles.

The adjustable strings around the bag allows you to make it just as compact as you want. All these features from a well renowned brand at such an affordable price make it worth the money spent. This backup is a one stop destination for all those travellers who enjoy their life practically out of a suitcase.

About the brand:

Quechua is a world known French brand that is famous for its travel gears. Their wide range of products includes shoes for trekking, hiking and outdoors. Besides this they are one of the leading manufacturers of trekking and mountaineering equipments. The brand is synonymous to quality. Many of their designs have been awarded for their technical competence and durability.

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Features: Quechua Symbium 7012 Blue

  • Color: Blue
  • Material Type: Polyester
Product Details
Manufacturer Quechua
Brand Quechua
Model Number 1334643
Colour Name Blue

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  1.  The Perfect Companion for a Long Trek 13 November, 2013 On
    I have been using this Trekking bag for the past 7 months. I bought it online after watching the item for a while for prices to drop.

    The one which i bought is Black with green fluorescent belts. The best part of the bag is the EASE OF ACCESS. There is an auxiliary compartment below the main compartment which I personally use for towels and items of immediate use. Even the main compartment has a top loading mouth as well as a zipper vertically till the bottom. So practically it saves you from the strain of jutting your hand deep into the bag for searching anything.

    It was not mentioned in the website, but I was surprised to find a PONCHO (Rain Protector) attached to the bag and concealed under the bag in a small pouch.

    The buckles are strong and good looking. This is one area where you have to be careful while buying a trekking bag. When it goes through FLIGHT LUGGAGE, the buckles, if soft, would break. In this product this problem is solved.

    The weight loading straps are technically built and adjustable to avoid back pain.

    True value for money. Just have to watch the product to get at a lower price.

    Now for the ONLY negative part of this : AVAILABILITY. -- The product is available in very few websites and very few Physical Stores, as Quechua (eventhough a leading brand outside) is very less known in India.

    I would recommend the product for all my friends.
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