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Quechua 1339595 60 L Backpacks Hiking-Brown

Quechua 1339595 60 L Backpacks Hiking-Brown

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Overview: Quechua 1339595 60 L Backpacks Hiking-brown

Rainforests, hiking boots, Swiss knife, battery operated torch, canteen does it ring a bell? Yes, exactly I am talking about hiking. The biggest problem while going on a hike is how to fit that pile inside the bag and still be able to carry it. Here is the answer to your prayers.

Quechua Backpacks Hiking 60 L Brown is made for those who tend to wake up one morning and decide to go to the nearest forest. This is to put an end to your worries as to where to put that last article of clothing or where to stuff the extra batteries without having them fallen in the middle of the hike.

The bag is designed to give you a sturdy carryon with heavy duty thick belts with wide stitches to carry the extra load at the time when your muscles are already battling against the altitudes.

The front zip pocket is designed to house the stuff you might need handy while on the go. The side arms are made to carry the canteen and other smaller stuff like batteries, etc. The upper closing flap is such that it zips the bag completely. The belts are provided with buckles to loosen and tighten the bag on your back as and when required.

The carryon has four belts placed evenly apart from each other on the back. The two upper belts help you lift the bag on your bag while the lower ones secure the bag around your waist. You might have faced difficulty while carrying a bag with just two belts during hiking which keeps on sliding left and right while climbing. The lower belts which secure the bag on your waist make sure that it doesn't dangle too much during the climb as it could be dangerous to keep a watch on your bag when you clearly have to concentrate on where to place your feet next. Besides, the enormous space it provides to house the stuff you might require or the ones considered essentials on such endeavours.

Hiking is a strenuous sport which requires complete focus and enormous energy to complete the climb. If the focus is shifted or most of your energy is concentrated on keeping your stuff safe instead of watching your step, hiking could prove immensely dangerous, and nearly fatal.

Thus to keep you and your belongings safe, consider buying this product. Apart from an aesthetic look, it also has a sturdy built and the front padding gives an extra support might you slip or dump the bag in a hurry. The zips are strong and the locks are built to support the stuffiness of the bag. Moreover, the prices are also competitive and nothing is costly when it keeps your stuff safe in those unchartered terrains. The cloth used to make the bag is waterproof to ensure that you can keep going even if it drizzles. As you might have encountered while walking through a rainforest that you never know when it starts drizzling and you suddenly have to worry about your electronic items or that camcorder you love and cherish so much.

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Features: Quechua 1339595 60 L Backpacks Hiking-brown

  • Color: Brown
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 60 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm

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     Perfect combination of value for money and durability 29 August, 2013 On
    Bought this bag after a huge amount of research on Hiking backpacks. While there are a lot of alternatives which are better, none offers a better combination of sturdiness, lightweight material and yet not highly priced in one.

    I have taken this for a few treks and it works like a dream. It takes the rigors of a rough trek well too, and also survived some rough tumbles I took during these treks. I've pretty much plonked this bag on rocks, put it into a bus hold and an airplane hold, and it just has some black stains.

    Also, I love how this bag sits on your back. You can travel with this for kilometers and not feel uncomfortable at all. Highly recommended if you're going for a trek, or a backpacking trip.
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