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Quechua 1480932 Arpenaz Backpack Bags-Pink

Quechua 1480932 Arpenaz Backpack Bags-Pink

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Overview: Quechua 1480932 Arpenaz Backpack Bags-pink

This Quechua ARPENAZ 10 BACKPACKS Pink looks trendy and chic. This bag is intended for regular use. If you are a college-goer, or a high-school student or a young professional, this bag will be very useful to you. Similarly, you can carry your possessions in this bag during light hikes. Suppose, you are going for a short trip somewhere, a weekend vacation maybe. You can stuff the things you will need into this bag, and carry with you. Thanks to its colour and design, this bag adds to your style. What is more, it goes well with all types of dresses-be it a pair of tee and jeans, or a combination of casual shirt and sport-skirt.

Quechua is a trusted-brand by many, which produces bags, t-shirts, folding tents, rucksacks, tracksuits, hiking-wear, water bottles and the like. Many of the myriad products produced by this company are available for online purchase in the Indian subcontinent. If your plan is to buy this Quechua backpack online, find out its lowest possible price on

Since the colour of this bag is light, you should keep it clean, as light colours are prone to get stained easily. However, it is very easy to wash this bag. You should not wash it in washing-machine, nor should you use bleach-based washing powders, as that might harm the material of this bag. Manual wash is enough to keep this bag clean. Use a brush and gentle washing powder mixed in water to wash this back. You can use lukewarm water, if required. The straps of this bag are padded thickly, so that you can comfortably carry it on your shoulders, even when it is heavily packed. This bag can be used by both sexes. This Quechua backpack comes with a good storage capacity; precisely, 10 litres. This bag can contain your water bottle, folding umbrella or raincoat, you identity card, books, lunch pack, make-up pouch, an extra dress for emergency use, and the like.


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