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Quechua Hiking Backpack 60L (Green)

Quechua Hiking Backpack 60L (Green)

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Overview: Quechua Hiking Backpack 60l

If your wanderlust makes you restless and a sedentary life makes your gypsy-self feel confined, then it is time for you to pack your bag. Before you do that though, log onto to buy the Quechua Hiking Backpack 60L (Green) to make your journey a complete one.

Quechua Hiking Backpack: A bigger, better and stronger travel companion

Quechua, the popular brand offering clothes, shoes, tents, backpacks and sports equipment catering to all ages, introduces its Hiking Backpack 60 L (Green). This promises to be a faithful travel companion. Designed for both men and women, Quechua Hiking Backpack 60L (Green) is set to redefine your travel experience. It comes with a carrying capacity of 60 litres which will suffice your space requirements and be able to bear all the equipment you need for your travel. What would a bag be without pockets? This backpack is designed with a host of them in different places to fulfil your diverse storage needs and serve your convenience. There are three ventilated pockets on the outside which are made of mesh, one inside and one on the belt. You can keep small items in the belt pocket, especially those that need to be accessed easily. Also, the bag brings you some relief from bending double with the weight of your backpack. It is equipped with Chest Straps, a signature style of many other Quechua bags that make even the heaviest weight, light on your shoulders. The Chest Straps help in distributing the weight of the bag all across your body and relieve your shoulders and back, in the process. Also, the bag with its own weight of a mere 1.7 kilos does not add to your burden, enabling you to travel lighter. Another highly effective feature is the presence of Compression Straps. As the name itself suggests, these straps help in compressing the size of the bag and also keep its contents intact, avoid spillage despite heavy movements.

Quechua Hiking Backpack 60L (Green): High performance but Low maintenance

Quechua Hiking Backpack's stylish looks and exciting features may set you thinking that it demands a laborious and costly upkeep. However, in reality, maintenance cannot get easier or cheaper! Not only does the combination of green and black colours make the bag don an easy camouflage during trekking or wild-life expeditions but also the polyurethane material on its outer cover makes it resistant to wear and tear and adds to its durability. No machine wash, no washing powder, wherever you are, just keep the bag under running water or apply some washing gel now and then, and your bag is as good as new! This smart Quechua Hiking Backpack which embodies the three mantras of the global brand -innovation, eco-design and best price, not only impresses you with its utility but also allows you to leave your mark with a style statement .

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Features: Quechua Hiking Backpack 60l

  • Composition: Outer fabric, 100 percent PU-coated PES, lining-100 percent PU-coated PA, padding-100 percent EVA
  • Anatomic design: Adjustable back and ventilated mesh back
  • Easy storage: Pockets-1 inner, 3 outer, 1 on belt, wide access to bottom of bag, pole holder
  • Efficiency: Compression straps, chest strap, tensioners, hand rests
  • Composition : Outer fabric, 100 percent PU : coated PES, lining : 100 percent PU : coated PA, padding : 100 percent EVA
  • Adjustable back and ventilated mesh back
  • Pockets : 1 inner, 3 outer, 1 on belt Wide access to bottom of bag pole holder
  • Compression straps : Chest strap : Tensioners : Hand rests
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.7 kg
Product Dimensions 65 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm

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  1.  One of the best in travelling backpacks 28 March, 2014 On
    This backpack is still one of the best packpack in the market now a days. It looks dynamically excellent but also gives you enough to carry things with you. It is easy to handle. It is comfortable. Don't let your shoulder cry from pain. This is a good choice if you are looking to one like this.
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