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Quick Heal Total Secutiy 2013 - 1 PC, 1 Year

Quick Heal Total Secutiy 2013 - 1 PC, 1 Year

Operating System Windows 8
Media Format CD-ROM
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Product Description

Viruses are one of the major threats in the cyber world today. They have the ability to infiltrate your system and disable most of its functions while retrieving all your vital information stored on your computer. A virus is a self-aware code or a segment of a code that is programmed to do the worst possible damage to your computer. It is essential in today's world to get hold of proper and trustworthy anti-virus software that can protect you from this possibility of damage and theft. Apart from viruses there are many other dreadful things, like malware, phishing and many more that can harm your computer. Due to all these reasons you must think twice before browsing the internet.

You will come across a number of anti-virus software that are available for free download on the internet, but there are only a handful which are trustworthy. There are some anti-virus software that turn out to be carriers of viruses themselves. Thus it is important to get hold of a proper and trusted brand. Quick Heal is one brand that has been around for quite some time now and can be trusted even with blindfolds on. One of their products, Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year is one of the best security software that you can get for your computer.

Product Overview

The Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year not only gives you total protection against viruses but also from other threats like malware, internet phishing sites and many more. This product will give you complete protection for your computer for one year after which you will be required to renew the subscription. During this period this product will protect you whether you are online or offline. When you are connected to the internet, it is the ideal time for viruses and other harmful threats to infiltrate your system. This is when the Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year will give you all round protection. The good thing about this software is that it has a very user-friendly interface which makes it very convenient for you to operate. The Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year also does not take up much space on your computer. This leaves you with enough space to store your data. This in turn not only protects your computer but also boosts its performance.

The Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year has a system of reserving some space on your hard disk and keeps it as a vault to store all the files that have been infected by viruses. This is very helpful as it reduces the loss of data due to a virus infection. Often people lose out on their vital data after it gets quarantined by the anti-virus. However, with this product it is easy to retrieve information from the vault without any problem. There is a disk clean up option available which speeds up your system once it starts to slow down. It does this by deleting all of the files which are not of any use anymore.

The Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year also comes with a very convenient feature called Flash Drive Protection which allows only certain pen drives and flash drives to be connected to your computer. Often your portable storage devices get infected and as a result spread viruses throughout your computer after connecting to your computer. However, thanks to this anti-virus, you will not have to worry as it only allows certain selected pen drives to be able to sync with your computer.

There are different modes that you can choose from depending upon the type of work you are doing on your computer. For example, for watching movies you can switch to the entertainment mode and it will adjust the performance of your computer to give you the perfect configuration for movies. Or, for instance, if you want to play games, then it will optimize the processes running in the background to speed up your computer and give you the best gaming experience.

Care and Maintenance

The Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year is a trustworthy software to choose to protect your computer from the cyber world. However, if certain measures and precautions are taken, you can get the best of out of it. First of all, it is important that you uninstall all other anti-virus software from your computer before installing this product as otherwise they may clash and hinder each other's performance. This may lead to your computer crashing. Thus it is ideal to remove all other anti-virus software before installing this one. The other precaution is to keep an active internet connection so that this Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year has a chance to update itself regularly. This is important as being connected to the internet will allow this anti-virus to keep your system updated and thereby it will be able to fight all the latest threats that keep turning up every day on the internet.

So why are you still risking the security of your computer? Buy Quick Heal Total Security 2013 PC 1 Year online today and get full protection for 365 days.

Key Highlights

Full all round protection of your computer for 365 days

Reduced loss of data due to quarantine of infected files

Flash drive protection to allow only selected pen drives

Various modes to suit all your activities

Product Features

  • Protects financial transactions during online banking and shopping
  • Blocks infected, fake, and harmful websites
  • Parental Control protects children from online threats
  • PCTuner improves computer performance
  • Block unknown USB drives from copying data from your computer
  • 24x7 protection against all threats
  • For Technical Assistance, please contact +91 927-22-33-000, Email -
  • This item is non-returnable
Product Details
Manufacturer Quickheal
Manufacturer Part Number 8906029921062
Brand Quick Heal
Model Number cws_av_quick_total
Operating System Windows 8
Media Format CD-ROM
Hardware Platform Pc

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