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R.I.P : Resurgent Indian Patriots

R.I.P : Resurgent Indian Patriots

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Language English
Contributor(s) Mukul Deva
Binding Paperback
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Overview: R.I.P : Resurgent Indian Patriots

For all those who think that the Indian democracy is faltering and India has become a land of corruption and nepotism, R.I.P : Resurgent Indian Patriots: 1 is a must read. It is the 12th novel by Mukul Deva, who is widely renowned as India's leading writer of military thrillers. He is the author of the bestselling Lashkar series. Deva, who is an alumnus of La Martiniere College, Lucknow, the National Defence Academy, Pune and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, was commissioned into Sikh Light Infantry of the Indian Army in December, 1981. After a decade and half of service, he took early retirement and is presently settled in Singapore. He is an entrepreneur, creativity coach and motivational speaker. He is also a mentor on the United Nations Institute of Training and Research Afghanistan Fellowship. The book was published by Westland Ltd. on December 14th, 2012 and has sold thousands of copies since then.

The book, commonly referred to as R.I.P, tells the story of self appointed vigilantes or guardians of the country who are seething with anger following the revelation of countless scandals and scams which have rocked the foundation of the largest democracy in the world in the past few years. The protagonist of the book is Colonel Krishna Athawale, a retired 19th Para-troopers of the Indian army, who lost his wife to a rescuer's own bullet during a successful operation of getting back a hijacked airline. Athawale and his team of Special Forces officers (who call themselves the K-Team) vow to protect the nation from the enemies within and are not hesitant to kill colluding officers and unscrupulous politicians to achieve their aim. Standing in the way of K-Team is Raghav Bhagat, a trigger happy ,rogue para commando, who is Athawale's anathema. There are several people who are caught in this crossfire, such as Special Director of CBI, Vinod Bedi, glamorous news anchor Reena Bhagat who has become bitter following her husband's adultery and two young lads, Sachin and Azaan, who are devastated by the loss of a parent. The storyline of this thriller is truly gripping and if you were planning on shopping online for this paperback you can visit Here you will get exhaustive information about the online stores where the book is available.

The book's plot is set in motion from the very first page and no introductory backgrounds are offered. R.I.P has an explosive start with an assassination plot, spanning over three cities of India, in its final stages. Following three high profile murders, there is a flurry of activities within the Indian political system which causes waves across the nation. Deva's narrative style is free flowing and crisp and Outlook has compared the author's style to that of Ludlam, Clancy and Forsyth. The language of the book is easy to follow and not replete with technical jargon.

Readers can easily relate to the characters etched out by Deva and it is easy to understand that inspiration has been taken from various vistas of the Indian political system. The political cast of the novel has real life reflections. Also the use of contemporary names and current political scenarios makes the novel interesting. The book has been received with enthusiasm and has been widely appreciated, especially since the mood of the nation is one where people are eager for the cleansing of political offices. The ISBN 10 code of the book is 9382618198 and ISBN 13 code is 9789382618195.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date December 14, 2012
Publisher Westland Ltd
Contributor(s) Mukul Deva
Binding Paperback
Page Count 298
ISBN 10 9382618198
ISBN 13 9789382618195
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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Half of me likes it, half of me hates it... 5 March, 2013 On
    RIP stands for Resurgent Indian Patriots - a bunch of retired Army Officers with distinguished service records, led by Colonel Krishna Athawle. This force sets out to rid the country of its biggest scourge: its politicians. This they aim to do by the simple expedient of fear: they threaten to kill one per day - and announce in advance who they target will be. The objective is to create a decent and clean leadership. Now keep in mind that you are talking about a bunch of top commandoes in prime fighting condition: retired they may be; but they retired after a highly successful mission backfired after it ended up killing Colonel Athawale's wife when they were in their late 30s. So, we are talking about a set of highly trained Army Commandoes who decide to play buzkashi with the political brass. The rest of the book deals with how they go about it, whether they can do it or not, the manhunt and the resultant achievements. This is all set in the backdrop of a huge civil disobedience movement that has paralysed the nation in totality. (Seems familiar, hey? Rings a bell, does it not?). Intertwined in this scenario is a touching and equally confusing love story between 2 lonely souls: 1 in the midst of a divorce, and the other just having lost the spouse a few years ago. The budding love story between 2 confused souls forms the meat of the book, and lends it tremendous depth.

    This book stands, beyond any shade of doubt, as one of the most dangerous books I have ever read. Confused - especially after reading the rating above? Welcome to the club. Confused is precisely the word that describes my reaction to this diabolically contrived write-up. Half of me - perhaps a little less, perhaps a little more - appreciates the book. The rest of me loathes it for its plot, its story and its setting. I cannot make up my mind...

    After all, who but an Armed Forces Officer would show such guts? And that is where my moral sense, my conscience kicks in. First off, it goes against every moral stricture in my body. Killing people - ok, criminals - wantonly cannot be justice. Killing innocents in the process cannot be justice. 2 wrongs do not make a right. Holding a nation to ransom cannot be justice, Expecting sudden catacysmic events to bring in positive change cannot be justice. And, most critically, doing all of the above and basing it on characters who can easily be misconstrued - or identified - with real life characters is decidedly not right. Especially not when the memory of the disobedience movements is still so fresh, and disillusionment with the Government and the political class is at such an all-time high. And, being an Army Officer's son, I dont think any Army Officer would do such things.
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  2. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Book Review: RIP 13 March, 2013 On
    Have you ever given a thought on this statement-“Whoever we are at present be it our mentality, our thinking or what we do has a reflection of our past and a slimmer of ray what we ought to be in the future.” Thou art of fiction this book endeavors the present state of our country and an individual if glanced at large and would easily be conceived as one of those resurgent response of a group of suffering Indians in a hope of a better tomorrow. Had it not been the disclaimer it would have been difficult to trace the fictional part; as the plot, the storyline even the characters resemble with the natives of real India. That’s the charisma of the writer, fiction looks real. I bet you can’t get off with this thriller until you have gone through to the final climax of the story.

    Cover Page:
    Those who have read novels of Mukul Deva, can actually make a smart guess of the backdrop by looking at the Cover page itself. A commando standing facing the bright sunlight as if rearing to face each and everything, an Injection injecting the venom into the Author (Author’s name), the title RIP with a bullet symbol and the image of 10 Janpath with Indian national Flag at the rear tells a lot for the story itself.

    For more details visit[...]
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  3. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     An excellent military thriller 13 March, 2013 On
    The main plot concerns a group of six ex-army men who call themselves the K- Team pledge to avenge the wrong that the corrupt politicians have been doing to the nation and its people since its very independence. Why are they called the K-Team? Simply because all these six men have their names starting with a K - Krishna Athawale, Kevin David, Kulwant Singh Bajwa, Karan Singh, Kashif Nadeem and Kamlesh Saikia. Corruption, nepotism, favoritism and the "rape" of the nation that has been happening for over 60 years have reached the ebb as these R.I.P- Resurgent Indian Patriots decide that it is high time somebody made an effort at changing the prevailing conditions A very utopic idea if you ask me but the book does manage to provide the readers with a momentary wish fulfillment at a time when the real scenario of the nation is exactly the same as depicted in the book. What I found very surprising is how the book managed not to create any political ruckus despite the fact that the author uses names and characters directly from contemporary politics. Characters like Hazarika, Sheila Kaul and her son Ranvijay, D.M. Karunakaran and Lalit Yadav are completely based on current social-political leaders like Anna Hazare, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, Karunanidhi and Lalu Prasad Yadav respectively. Incidents like the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight IC 814 (which actually took place in Decemeber 1999) and the Ajmal Kasab case (from the 26/11 terrorist attack) are entirely taken from history (the author however, takes the literary freedom to change the time frames of the two incidents) .

    The book is a complete page turner as the very first chapter has three quick immaculately planned murders taking place one after another, taking the reader into its grip for the rest of the 298 pages. The language used in the book is extremely simple with very few ornate words used. I loved the description that the author uses at certain points to describe the particular type of weapon and chemical used for the operation. The effects of the succinylcholine, the C-18 hand grenade and its functions are explained briefly to help the reader understand the mechanism and yet not losing track of the main plot by excessive detailing. The occasional flashes from the past are nicely blended into the stories which help in understanding the characters better. Apart from the occasional repetitive phrases and a few grammatical and typographical errors, the book is a pleasant and quick read.

    The book does extremely well for a military thriller ( a genre completely new to me) and I'm planning to read the other books he has written. Grab a copy or borrow it from a friend, if you love thrillers and action, this book won't disappoint you.
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  4. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Absolutely thrilling ! 2 March, 2013 On
    The blurb is successful , more or less , in offering an alluring prelude to the fast paced story that beckons to the reader from inside . The Story flags off on an intriguing note in itself throwing around an air of adventure , with four prominent members of the political tycoon being murdered , their code of conduct quite proficient and impeccable . The team carrying out the mission calls themselves RIP ( The Resurgent Indian Patriots ) helmed by Colonel Krishna Athawale , an ex para commando of the Indian Army . The other equally efficient members of the group , often bracketed as the K- Team - a tag tracing its origin way back into their army days , are Major Karan Singh , Major Kevin David and Major Kashif Nadeem . They are chained together by a single motive – To rescue the country from the filthy hands of the corrupted politicians and executives and retrieve the soul of the country in all its purity from the stinking muddle threatening to wash it away .

    Trying to hamper their diligently construed plan and to restore peace and security is the dedicated cop Vinod Bedi . Reena bhagat , a charismatic News reporter joins Colonel Krishna’s life and offers the readers a lighter detour from the otherwise heavily loaded scenario . Unfortunately Reena comes with an even complicated baggage with herself in the form of Raghav her husband , an ex commando himself , who has been appointed by the Home minister Mr. Karunakaran to get rid of the RIP team lest his faulty political life would be unmasked to the public . How these characters stumble against each other at various junctures of their life spanning across a few days forms the crux of the story .

    My Take :

    A ) The Cover : It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a book coming with a promise of extreme action would be adorned by a cover combustible enough even in its appearance . So is this one . The amalgamation of the picture and the highly vibrant colours sure convey the nature of whats in store . The blurb , as I mentioned in my opening sentence is peppered with elements of suspense further perching the hopes of the readers on a higher rung .

    B ) The Content : The story races from one incident to another never letting the reader mull over details on the way , for such is the clarity of the events . With his ability to sculpture the accounts ,delving into the subtleties in its the right amount , the author succededs in guiding the readers through a perfectly etched out course packed with action . I managed to devour the book in one sitting for the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it .The author , i feel has succeeded in churning out a gripping plot and the book has that simple and outright manner of story telling . The writing is lucid and the editing needs special mention , as it stood out , as I sailed past page after page welcoming the events knit together so flawlessly . Absolutely nil typos or grammer mistakes to irk you . The parts dealing with Krishna's interaction with his son Sachin and those tantalising moments with Reena have been etched perfectly , with the narration blending with the story smoothly .

    Though the author clearly stresses in his foreword note that the characters are fictional , noticing uncanny similarities to many personalities reigning the present India coudnt be ignored . However , that one particular aspect of the book failed to entice me , for a fiction when starting to state the obvious ( especially regarding people and deeds which are more or less the talk of the town at present ) turns less intriguing , right ? . A couple of movies have been created based on similar contexts , but then I guess proving his resentment towards the corrupted officials was the prime motive of the author , rather than deliberately spewing a tale skewed with fictious aspects which the readers would relate to less .

    For having bared the grueling intensity of the filth the country is sinking in , the author deserves to be lauded . Yet , a mind boggling question dangles in the air as to whether its morally acceptable for the citizens to contort the law even though its for a good motive . Though the emphasis is on how the K -Team carries out the venture more than on detailing in depth the stark realities plaguing the society , one cant help admit after reading the book that , at this point of time the country is calling out for that much needed change more than ever before – maybe for a revolution to seize back the long lost glory of our country .

    My Rating : 4/5 . Go for it !
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  5.  RIP - The Shocking truth about Indian Politics & Bureaucracy 13 March, 2013 On
    After 5 back to back thrilling novels, Mukul Deva delivers another power packed novel which has slick action written all over it. The book takes off from the first chapter itself and there is never a dull moment.

    In the Author's note, the reader gets to know the true motive behind writing this book,
    "This book was born out of an extreme sense of anger and shame. Anger, at the appalling, naked greed so shamelessly displayed by the Indian Political class. And shame that they happen to be fellow-Indians."

    Basically, RIP is a team of ex-special forces Servicemen and their intent is spelled out aptly in this quote from the book,
    "Honor. Integrity. Honesty. Patriotism. These words meant nothing to these shameless people. But they would understand fear. Death, he knew, was the ultimate motivator."


    The Author makes use of his previous stint in the Indian Army and delivers a novel which has fine attention to detail. The Author has even made generous use of the latest in technology, smartphone, tablets and software in the novel.


    I, for some, did not the like the invincibility accorded to the team of RIP. They're able to escape every form of danger and suspicion. Also, a lot was left to chance encounters which seemed to indicate towards a good dose of serendipity.

    All in all, a very engrossing book. I loved reading it and was hooked on till the very last page. A job well done by Mukul Deva, go ahead and give this book a read.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  6.  An Exhilarating And Engrossing Thriller 20 February, 2013 On

    The tag line of website of Mukul Deva says - If you can imagine it - you can achieve it. RIP by Mukul Deva was released in December 2012. Before writing about this engrossing thriller , it is quite important to know about this super hit author - Mukul Deva, who besides being expert in this trait, is also well known as a Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and a great human being. Almost all leading newspapers and publishing house admire his work published so far. Business World says - The God of all things... it's tough describing Mukul Deva. The Statesman - Deva has a Nostradamus touch. And that is in fact true as he has a tremendous power of foreseeing the things happening in future. In his books Lashkar (Persian word - meaning military camp or army) published in the year 2008 and Salim Must Die published in 2009, Mukul Deva projected a global terrorist resembling Osama and and about U.S. troops locating him in a village in Pakistan.

    Indian Express narrates Mukul Deva as a man with a license to thrill and the first Indian writer expert in writing military thrillers. The same has been written about him in The Hindu. The Business Standard designates him as a literary storm trooper. Well with 5 super hit books in 5 consecutive years - demands more to say about Mukul Deva.

    R.I.P. is a story about patriotism. It talks about selfishness versus selfless goals. It talks about Corruption at a large scale and up to the highest level in India. It talks about the doers who dare to die while fighting against corruption rather than accepting it and keep cribbing about it or becoming a prey of political mafia. It talks about almost real situation in India where people elect there leaders for the growth of country and the moment they get elected, their personal growth becomes prime for them and that too at any cost and by getting down to any level. RIP indicates that the biggest crime is to dodge the people who elect a leader and bring him to power. There is only one punishment for corrupt politicians who mold country and administrative powers just for their personal, selfish motives; and that is nothing less than DEATH.

    R.I.P. stands for The Resurgent Indian Patriots. Some people can still stand tall against all the odds in life and have guts to fight against corruption. They attain the power to fight against all kind of wrong powers and ultimately reach to their goals without thinking twice about their own life. Out of such people there is a group of few Indian Army personnel who left the job and started fighting against termite that is eating the nation, called corruption. This group is called K-Team led by Colonel Krishna Athawale, and comprises of brave-hearts like Karan, Sanjive, Kulwant and few more. All have the same mission of getting this country Corruption Free.

    Just reverse of Colonel Krishna Athawale is Raghav Bhagat who is as corrupt as the leaders of this country though he is also from army. Home Minister hires Raghav Bhagat to kill K-Team so as to survive and save his corrupt face. Raghav's ex-wife Reena is as strong a character as Colonel Athawale and she divorced Raghav when she found him enjoying with another lady in a compromising position, after she cut short her trip and reached home unalarmingly. Reena is a news anchor with NDTV living with her son Azaan.

    Col Athawale lost his wife during a fight against terrorists who were trying to hijack a plane in which she was an air hostess. During this combat Col's wife dies and that becomes a reason for him to leave army. Colonel Athawale lives with his son Sachin and both miss the most precious person in their life who left them all of a sudden. Sachin and Azaan are in the same school and class and that becomes a common link between Col. and Reena who finally marry.

    There is CBI special Director Vinod Bedi who is tired of serving corrupt ministers but is helpless having no other choice. Story is highly engrossing keeping you asking all the time right since you start first page - what next?.

    The Prime Minister is just a toy in the hands of Ruling Party's President. Her son is being expected to be the next Prime Minister of the country. Colonel and team tried to warn corrupt ministry by killing three influential political figures who were sunk in corruption till neck. But Home Minister refuses to pay any heed to the demand of K-Team of resignation of all corrupt ministers, bringing back all black money for the welfare of country.

    A long wild goose chase keeps happening among Trio teams of Vinod Bedi, Raghav Bhagat and Colonel Athawale. Three more killings of high level officials and ministers, by K-Team, as a stern indication to corrupt government makes no serious impact except that price money for Bhagat is doubled by Home Minister on killing K-Team and increasing task force of CBI special Director for chasing and finding K-Team. But nothing helps against the selfless motive of K-Team and finally government gets defeated. Cells in Tihar Jail become short when it starts filling corrupt ministers and there is no space left for normal criminals.

    Overall R.I.P. by Mukul Deva is an intensely woven engrossing thriller.

    This review is a part of the biggest Book Reviews Program. for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!
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  7.  Excellent 15 March, 2013 On
    RIP is a laudable page-turner with the writer doing well in whipping away a riveting stratagem and the reserve has that easy and clear way of storytelling with the exactitude drawn in spot on the immoral in the culture incredibly expressed. There are diverse means in which you will like this volume which you can take pleasure in as a crime novel as also you can get pleasure for its conspicuous co-relation with the existent India.
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