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White Board Non-Magnetic

White Board Non-Magnetic

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White Board Non-Magnetic

Blackboards are history, Digital boards are the future but White boards are the present. Presenting the R. Signs white board. This white board can be used for a variety of uses. Its applicability ranges from school to offices. Any kind of white board marker works on this white board. It comes with a duster. It is easy to clean, all it needs is just one swipe of the duster and the board is white again. This white board is a picture-perfect addition to your office space to write and keep significant notes and data certainly within reach. Designed for strength, this non-magnetic board can be attached on walls with a simple hook. The even, smooth surface allows the marker tip to glide effortlessly.



This board is a good replacement for the traditional blackboards still there in schools and colleges. The chalk and the blackboard combination has seen its glory days, now it's time for the White boards. No chalk means it is dust free. The chalk dust has proven to cause allergies and breathing problems among teachers and children. Not only that the Chalk dust also causes the area below the board to get dirty. With the white board and the marker, there is no dust. The ink in the marker is non-toxic and is easily cleanable. This would enable much better handwriting and clean and crisp information. The only downside for the students will be that they will miss the chalk fights in the classroom. The white board is even useful in coaching classes and home tuitions. Especially in home tuitions where the teacher does not have a place for the big board, this compact white board would fit in any home. This is useful in households to write the daily chores or the grocery list too.


In every offices there is a need to allocate the daily tasks of the employees. This white board is perfect to convey that message. It is the perfect size for the office. It can be placed on a wall visible to all. Thus everyone knows what to do and how much time they have to do it. It inculcates a spirit of time management among the employees, so that the work gets done on time and the employees need not do overtime. The white board is an excellent addition to the office. It saves paper too. Presentations are more elaborate and informative when one has a chance to draw them by hand.

Hotels and Restaurants:

Every day the restaurants have a new special menu. Well if the 'Today's special' are written on this white board it would certainly attract more consumers to try out the new dish. Small drawings describing the dish can also be drawn. In hotels too, the rate of the rooms can be written on the white board and kept on display so that the customers get a quick idea of the rates. All this and much more is possible with the help of the R Signs White board.

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