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Product Description

Remote control toys and games are synonymous with little ones. Kids love to play with remote control toys especially cars. Remote control toy cars will always remain in fashion. These types of toys are extremely well accepted, especially by the toddler boys who are extremely fascinated by toy cars and they can be operated with just press of a button. Therefore, if you are looking a for a toy car for your child, look no further as now you can get the Rechargeable Remote Control Car, Silver very easily. Brought to you by popular and trusted brand Chevron, this remote control toy car comes with exclusive features that is easy to use and makes for an enjoyable play time for yours kid. So before you go ahead and purchase this product online, take a look at the features.

Style, design and feature

This rechargeable sports toy car sports an excellent design and your little one will have a great time playing with it. Meticulously conceived and crafted with precision by the experts to deliver high end products for the children. This toy car emulates a real one and can be controlled by remote control devices that the children can operate without any difficulty. This toy performs astonishing functions and comes with four channels and provides full entertainment to your tiny tot. This toy car will surely capture your child's attention, keeping it entertained. The hyper-realistic design of this toy car is sure to attract your child's attention as it comes with open able doors and trunk. The best the part is that your child can easily steer it in any direction with a remote control device. Moreover, you can now gift your little one this remote control operated toy car and keep them captivated for many hours to come. Your little munchkin will surely fall in love with this excellent automation play toy and will make it his favourite play time thing. The best part about playing with this toy car is that it has a number of beneficial features. Playing with this toy car will ensure excellent hand and eye co-ordination. When kids will play with this toy car and have to handle it by using the remote, it will make them focus and in turn improve their coordination skill so that they don't crash the car. Moreover, gifting this toy to your child will definitely teach them to be responsible towards their own possessions. This toy will also help them to get acquainted with machines. The box set includes the main toy car, rechargeable batteries and the remote control. This toy car come neatly packaged which ensures safety of the product during transit.


Maintaining this remote control toy car is simple and very easy and it won't be taking up much of your time. As this toy car comes in a stunning shade of silver, you need to ensure that it is clean and free dirt and stains. You can clean the exterior and the internal mechanism of his toy car with a moist wipe that is smooth and soft and also easy on the screen areas. You must clean the car from time to time so that it remains free from any kind of finger stains and scratches. This product is now available on the internet, so you can buy Rechargeable Remote Control Car, Silver online and give your child an enjoyable play time.

Key features at a glance

Silver in colour

User-friendly design


Rechargeable battery and charger

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number remote control car
Item Package Quantity 1

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