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RSN Amino Mass - 1 kg

RSN Amino Mass - 1 kg

Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 1 gram
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Overview: Rsn Amino Mass - 1 Kg

Our bodies become hugely dependant on supplements to keep working in the right pace when it's exposed to intense body building. Our body needs that extra jet of fuel, which allows it to work and function properly while it is going through stress. This is where amino mass comes into play. It assists in quick muscle build up. Amino mass helps in boosting up muscle growth. If you were wondering about where to buy amino mass, RSN Amino Mass is the perfect choice for you. The 1kg bucket contains in it the true power required for comprehensive bodybuilding. The amino mass helps you to grow muscles, impart strength to your body and attain quick recovery from wear and tear. After a regime of heavy lifting each day, the body goes through a lot of tension and strain. To enable a quick recuperation of this stress, amino mass is needed. Mostly taken in the form of shakes and drinks, RSN Amino Mass is the perfect supplement for you.

Build More Muscles in Less Time

One of the greatest benefits of using RSN Amino Mass is its capacity to make you build muscles quicker. Amino mass helps your muscle cells to maintain proper water balance. That means that while you are curling your biceps or working on those abs, the muscles can contract and release in a rhythmic manner. Moreover, amino mass provides the much-needed protein to your muscles. This is why, you can grow and enlarge your muscles easily with amino acids. Amino mass helps in imparting the essential elements required by a body builder. It allows its consumer a healthier alternative to perfect bodybuilding. provides you this product at the best price you may find anywhere in India. Shop online and buy your own jar of RSN Amino Mass, only at

Product Details
Manufacturer RSN Healthcare
Brand RSN Healthcare
Target Gender Unisex
Theme RSN Amino Mass
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1 gram

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