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Overview: 6 Kg Rubber Weight Plates , 2 Dumbbell Rods For Home Gym

Due to our tight schedules in today's fast paced world, many of us leave out an extremely important task that should be a part of our daily routine- exercising. If you are running short of time to visit the gym daily, then you have another choice of working out at home. As you start growing old, it is inevitable for your body to grow old too. Therefore, it is imperative to exercise on a regular basis for all the parts of your body to function efficiently. This set of rubber weight plates and dumbbell rods from Go Fit India are all that you need to improve your body fitness.

The set includes 4 weight plates and 2 dumbbell rods, weighing 1 kg each. When these are assembled together, they make a 6kg dumbbell that is perfect for exercising. Dumbbells are great for your daily strength training. You can add variations to your workouts with dumbbells and they also have significant advantages. Weight training exercises can be integrated with cardio to gain muscle mass and boost stamina. With this set of home gym equipment, you have the liberty to exercise any time during the day, according to your schedule and you no longer have to worry about scooting to the gym. Moreover, it will also save you money and time.

The dumbbells are user friendly and the weights can be easily customized to suit your needs. Initially, it is fairly right for beginners to start with 6 kg weights and gradually, as the strength of your arms starts improving, you can add more weights. As per your requirements, you can purchase different weights from Go Fit India. The weight plates are not made of metal but high quality rubber, which makes them unbreakable and robust. They are also low on maintenance and not susceptible to everyday wear and tear, thus making them last long. The high quality materials used in the making of these weights ensure that that they do not leave any kind of abrasions on the floor. You do not need to worry about have a big spacious room to store the weights. They can practically be stored in any corner of your house.

This set of 6 kg rubber weight plates and 2 dumbbell rods has been manufactured by Go Fit India. Go Fit India has carved a niche for itself and is a major player in the field of fitness gear. The company manufactures superior quality fitness equipment giving utmost importance to the safety of the users. So if you want to shed those extra kilos, then do not give this equipment a miss! This product will definitely guarantee you value for your money.

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     Good starter dumbbell set 29 August, 2013 On
    I was in the market for a basic dumbbell set to complement my body-weight training routine, when I chanced upon these. The price was reasonable but my main worry was the quality at this pricepoint. I was in for a surprise as it felt like a much more expensive pair of dumbbells sold by a renowned manufacturer.

    The dumbbell construction is pretty sturdy, with the ability to add-on weight plates at a later time, when you "grow out" of the base set of plates. It is better to wrap a cloth around the handles as it may give you blisters if gripped too tightly. My only gripe is that the weight plates seem to leave a sooty residue on your hand when I handled them while changing the weight.

    Overall I'm happy with the set and would recommend it.
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