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Ra Thermoseal Toothpaste 50Gm (Icpa)

Ra Thermoseal Toothpaste 50Gm (Icpa)

Colour White
Target Gender Unisex
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Overview: Ra Thermoseal Toothpaste 50gm

ICPA's RA Thermoseal Toothpaste is perhaps the best treatment for your tooth problems. Thermoseal Toothpaste acts instantly against problems like Cavity and Hypersensitivity. The Teeth is one of the most important organs of the body. But we seldom think about it and as a result, the tooth catches innumerable infections and cause unbearable pain. But Thermoseal Toothpaste is an easy and instant way to get relief from it. It has a Potassium Nitrate base and contains Sodium Monofluorophosphate with Fluoride. Dental Hypersensitivity is a sharp piercing pain created in the tooth when it comes in contact with anything sweet, sour, hot or cold. It causes a lot of discomfort and pain. It becomes extremely impossible to eat or drink anything. This happens when the tubules is exposed after the removal of the enamel by factors such as gum recession, attrition or abrasion etc. But with RA Thermoseal Toothpaste in your hand, you do not have to worry. It creates a neurosensory block over the teeth providing relief from the pain. The Fluoride provides protection from cavity. It also reduces the deterioration of the enamel by decreasing the acid production of bacterial plaque and the solubility of apatite crystals. It instantly becomes included as fluoroapatite layer to reduce the dissolving of apatite in times of acid attacks.

Deal with Your Dental Problems

Thermoseal Toothpaste develops an increased protection against Sensitivity of Teeth against sweet, heat, cold, acids or anything else. It also helps in saving the tooth against dental problems. Both the children as well as the adults must use it twice a day. You have to brush a bit longer on the sensitive areas. For use after 4 weeks please take the advice of a dentist. ICPA health products are known the world over for its quality and excellent results RA Thermoseal Toothpaste is attained universal acclaim in the world of medicated Toothpastes. So just place an order online at and win a million hearts with your healthy smile.

Product Details
Model Number Dn-2552
Colour White
Target Gender Unisex
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