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Raaj Apple Air Tight Container - Size 3

Raaj Apple Air Tight Container - Size 3

Brand RAAJ
Model Number Stainless Steel Container
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Overview: Raaj Apple Air Tight Container - Size 3

Raaj airtight containers are here to meet the design and style of your modular kitchen. When you try to buy everything that matches your lifestyle, special care should be taken for everything, be it storage products or other things. Though they look small, the opening is quite wide and you can make things fit in to it easily. These containers brought to you by Raaj are an ideal container set for daily usage in the kitchen and for many other places. You should have the best designs corresponding to the atmosphere of your kitchen. These products are well-built and reliable. You can store liquid as well as solid contents. It is crafted to provide the best possible storage product for your smooth cooking and carrying experience. It is a task to maintain an organized kitchen that provides you with a clean and easy-to-use workspace. For many it is a tough job organising drawers, cupboards, and pantry with food storage containers. Sometimes, you do not have enough containers for storage. Having containers of same pattern and design not only creates a decorative look, but also provides aesthetically pleasing spaces. It is helpful in many ways as it allows you to quickly find the items that you need.  

Product Features

This set, Raaj Apple Air Tight Container is brought to you by a brand which is trusted and accepted by every other Indian household. You don't need to hit the market to fulfil your kitchen requirement or lunch box requirement, as it is available at a click. All you need to do is hit the buy button. You can order as many as you want and make a nice collection. It comes in various sizes and shapes. When you shop Raaj Apple Air Tight Container online you get the product delivered at your doorstep in a matter of days. The package is carefully packed to ensure that the products do not meet with any sort of damage or scratch. This complete set of containers will cut out the chaos in your kitchen cupboards, drawers and closets. They can also be used as lunch boxes, preventing any kind of spills. They are attractive, tough and sturdy, when you place it in the cupboards and counter tops, it will enhance the kitchen's decor. It will allow you to fit all types of food into the containers and help you with a neat, clean and orderly kitchen. In an organized kitchen you will feel the time spent less stressful. These containers have innovative design and are inspiring. The lids have special sealing capabilities it provides a complete closure. They fit properly around the rim and prevent liquid from spilling. With top quality and unmatched finishing, these products are a must have in your kitchen. The small size allows you to carry it anywhere. You can refill the contents at the right time without fail if you are using for the kitchen top. While travelling you can keep contents like pickle or curd without which Indian cuisine is incomplete. Using these products will be a delight for any occasion.

Care and Maintenance

With a little care, you can keep your air tight containers looking as good as new. Regularly wash and rinse the containers with mild liquid soap. Do not scrub the surface as it can ruin the texture. For tougher stains you can use lukewarm water. It is recommended that you do not use these containers for cooking. It can withstand heat to a certain level. If oil stains are found on the container you can use baking soda paste and apply it on the stains. It is the ideal and preferred method for removing stains and stickiness. While storing food it is recommended that you cool the items. Buy Raaj Apple Air Tight Container online today and save yourself from all the hassle of searching the ingredients and other cooking contents in the kitchen. 

Product Details
Manufacturer Raaj
Brand RAAJ
Model Number Stainless Steel Container

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  1.  capacity of dabbi not mentioned 19 January, 2015 On
    nice price .good containers for refrigerators also for keeping chappati .after making food also for serving we can use at dinning table
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