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Racold Pronto 3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

Racold Pronto 3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

Lowest online price: 3,800
Brand Racold
Model Number Pronto 3V
Colour White
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 3 litres
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Product Description

Water is the basis of life. It is among the things that are of utmost important for all life forms on the Earth, and humans are no different in this matter. However, we need to alter the state of liquid water slightly in order to make it perfectly suitable for our specific needs such as bathing. Using the normal tank water for bathing, washing clothes and similar purposes becomes difficult in winters. Are you averse to working with cold water? Do you often catch cold due to using normal water in winter? Do your children avoid bathing and indulging in other hygienic activities due to cold water flowing from the taps in winter? If your answers to these questions are in affirmation, then you should buy the Racold Pronto 3V instant water heater online at the earliest. The stainless steel appliance can heat up to three litres of water instantly so that you can use warm water as and when you need it. It is available online, so, you will not have to waste time in going to a market and searching for the right product. The Racold water heater will get delivered to the address of your preference.

Features and Design of Racold 3V Instant Water Heater:

This water heater is an exemplary product as far as the simplicity of design is concerned. It has a simple exterior mould with two nozzles at the bottom to facilitate refilling water and using it. The appliance has an egg-like shape and has a smooth body with totally rounded edges and corners. The name of the company Racold features at the top and the name of the brand Pronto is printed in blue in the middle.

The appliances can be installed vertically. It operates at a maximum pressure of 6.5. It has been incorporated with anti-syphoning system, which prevents the water from flowing backwards. Therefore, it never heats while dry. The appliance offers three levels of safety against pressure and temperature. It features a safety valve, a thermostat and a cut-out system to ensure adequate safety of the users. The cut-out and the thermostat conform to the international standards. The exterior body of the heater is rust proof, and therefore, prevents corrosion. It requires 230 Volts and operates at 3000 Watts.

Benefits of Racold Pronto 3V Instant Water Heater:

The main benefit of Racold Pronto 3V instant water is that it allows everyone to use bathroom in winters like they use the rest of the year. You will not have to worry whether you have children who avoid bathing and using water for hygienic purposes, or you have elderly people who are susceptible to catching cold due to cold winter water. The Racold instant water heater allows you to warm the water to just the right temperature that suits your requirement. So, shop online Racold Pronto 3V instant water heater today.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Racold Instant Water Heater:

The Racold 3-litre instant water heater does not need extensive maintenance. It is rust proof, so you only need to ensure that the exterior body is clean. For any kind of technical assistance, you should only follow the instructions on the manual. If there is any issue that cannot be corrected by following the manual instructions, then you should contact the professional service providers.

About Racold:

Racold is an Italian company. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm. The company is involved in developing thermal technology and products based on it. An example of the home appliances manufactured by Racold is the Pronto 3V instant water heater.

Key Highlights:

230 Volts

3000 Watts

Stainless Steel body

Rust proof

Product Features

  • Type: Instantaneous, Maximum Rated Pressure(bar): 6.5, Installation Type: Vertical wall mounting
  • The anti-syphoning system prevents the back flow of water from the container, thus avoiding dry heating
  • Provides three level safety against high temperature and pressure with cutout, thermostat and safety valve
  • Thermostat and cutout conforms to international standards, ensuring enhanced safety
  • Rust proof outer bosy prevents corrosion leaving no room for rust, ensures long life for the water heaters
  • The high density and thick PUF ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 2 years on heating element and 5 years on tank
  • Power: 3000 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts
Product Details
Manufacturer Racold
Manufacturer Part Number Pronto 3V (PR III)
Brand Racold
Model Number Pronto 3V
Colour Name Ivory
Colour White
Material Stainless Steel
Wattage 3,000 Watts
Capacity 3 litres
Warranty 2 years on product, 2 years on heating element and 5 years on tank
Technical Specification
Power Source electric

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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars
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