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Rage of Angels

Rage of Angels

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Harper
Rage of Angels is a novel of fiction written by Sidney Sheldon. It revolves around a strong female character called Jennifer Parker; she is a young, beautiful and brilliant lawyer from New York, whose life is dominated by two men - Adam Warner, a young politician who fathers her child, and Michael Moretti, a Don who supports at her time of need. Adam initially helps Jennifer succeed in her career and falls in love with her. Michael meanwhile tries desperately to get Jennifer to be his counsel and succeeds in it by helping her recover her kidnapped son after her affair with Adam comes to an end. The story goes on to describe the ups and downs of Jennifer's career and personal life from thereon. Thois book is a brilliant page turner with many turns and twists and detailed characterisations. The novel was first published in 1980, and a TV film was produced in 1983 based on this plot.The author of the book Sidney Sheldon is a famous American writer who was born on February 11, 1917, in Ill ... See more
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