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Raja Rani

Raja Rani

Format DVD
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Product Description

Raja Rani

Epic love stories are worth watching time and again. Watching them on screen is sure fun, but there are many movies that are worth watching again and again. Indian cinema has been full of love stories and tales of couples who battled till the very extremes. Watching such films at home at will is a great feeling, especially when epic stories of love are narrated. Watching them on DVD is an absolute treat because you can play them at your will and not wait for a popular channel to broadcast it with ads and breaks. With a DVD you can enjoy it when you want with the people you want to enjoy with, with no cost to bear!

One such epic movie is Raja Rani- the 2013 released Tamil blockbuster starring Arya, Jai and Nayantara. Raja Rani is a romantic drama with a hint of comedy. It is a story about John (Arya) and Regina (Nayantara) who get married to each other, but under compromising circumstances. Regina marries John to provide some kind of Joy to her father who wants to see her happily married. They both have a torrid married life where John is usually drunk and Regina is frustrated.

One fine day, Regina falls to the floor and suffers a fits attack. Worried, John takes her to the hospital where she is treated. On enquiring about this condition, Regina reveals her past where John comes to know that she loved a guy named Surya (Jai). Regina fell in love with him and they both agreed to marry but things didn't surface.

Seemingly Surya fled to USA for a job. . Few days later it is known that Surya committed suicide and died. Heartbroken, Regina married John as her father desired. After she recovers, she comes to know about John's past life from Sarathy (Santhanam) who is John's close friend. Acciording to Sarathy, John loved a girl called Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim). Once they fell for each other, they married. But on the very first day of marriage Keerthana is struck by a car and dies immediately. John marries Regina on insistence of Sarathy. Regina and John, after knowing each other's past story, start respecting and liking each other. Regina gets a call from Australia where she had applied to go for a stay.

Neither John nor Regina confess their feelings to each other. John leaves her at the airport and while coming back, he gets a call from Regina. When he rushes back, he finds Surya! Surya tells John that he is happily married and settled and John should now have a good life with Regina. John tries to convince Surya that Regina loves him but, Surya walks away with a ring that Regina gave him. Regina slaps John saying that she doesn't want Surya anymore and now she loves him. Overjoyed, John agrees and they start a fresh new life ahead. Such epic romantic stories are made once in ages and should not be missed. Purchase the DVD of Raja Rani from

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Format DVD
Genre Romance^comedy
Censor Rating U (Universal)
No of Discs 1
Runtime 148 minutes

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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  I will watch it again 21 November, 2013 On
    A very interesting movie. I could hardly believe that this movie is directed by a newcomer. The narrative style was quite impressive. Initially, I had a feeling that the movie was being dragged and dragged (boring to the core) just to attract the viewers but after Arya and Nayantara's love story was being told , I found it impossible not to fall in love with the movie.

    In Raja and Rani, there are two love stories as the theme of the movie is "There is love after love failure”. We learn how Regina(Nayantara) and John(Arya) overcome their differences after having learnt their spouse's love failure and then fall in love eventually.

    To be true and honest, this is what mainly attracted me towards watching the movie. I am not a big fan of movies especially Tamil movies yet I was highly tempted to watch due to the numerous feedbacks it has got from various social media. If you have also watched and liked "Mounaragam", then it is very likely you will be addicted to Raja Rani. I can only say the music was above average. Nasriya and Jai's performance was outstanding. Although, I didn't expect such an ordinary ending. Hats off to the director. Can watch it again. I absolutely devoured this movie.
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